RIBA and Arb Team Up to Reform UK Architecture Education

  • 23 Sep 2013
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via Flickr. Image © Rory MacLeod

The RIBA and Arb have teamed together to examine architectural education, with the aim of bringing the UK into line with other EU countries.

The move is part of a new EU directive, due to be ratified next month, which seeks to establish more uniformity across Europe by aligning the time it takes to qualify and by making mutual recognition of title easier between countries – a move which would make architects more free to move between countries.

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Recently, the RIBA estimated that the average length of time it takes for an architect to become fully qualified in the UK has risen to almost 10 years, longer than in most other EU countries. Former RIBA president Jack Pringle described that as a “crazy” amount of time, adding “it can’t take that long to go into one of the poorest-paid professions.”

To aid the discussion, the RIBA and Arb are working with the Standing Conference of Heads of Schools of Architecture (SCHOSA) and representatives of student bodies.

The move by the two governing bodies of architecture comes in addition to the government’s review of UK architecture, led by Terry Farrell, which has already sparked a report by the UK Architectural Education Review Group finding that the high cost of architectural education creates a barrier to the profession.

Farrell’s review, the report by the UK Architectural Education Review Group, and now the move by the RIBA and Arb all reflect the growing belief that UK architectural education is in desperate need of a significant overhaul.

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  • antipod

    Do we presume those of us from the commonwealth countries will still be left out in the cold when it comes to ‘mutual recognition’?

  • shankar narayan

    Can Arch Daily do a comparison study between different professions (doctors, lawyers, Chartered accountants,Architects etc) in different regions of the world to see how much each profession earns at equivalent points in their career. We can then make out how poor architects really are!