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© Prudence Upton
University of Kansas, The Forum at Marvin Hall, 2014. Image © James Ewing Photography
© AstroStar via Shutterstock
Courtesy of Kevin J Singh
© AstroStar via Shutterstock
Exhibit at Harvard GSD © Justin Knight. Image via Harvard GSD
Martha Thorne . Image © IE University
OMA's Milstein Hall at Cornell University shows off the dynamic atmosphere of an architecture school; as students on he ground floor have seminars and crits, other students mill above them. Image © Matthew Carbone
The rose window at Notre Dame de Paris. Image © Flickr CC user Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Cornell University Student's inflatable pavilion, the result of Lorena Del Río's "A Journey Into Plastics" seminar. Image Courtesy of Lorena Del Río / Cornell University Department of Architecture
Wolf Prix. Image Courtesy of NewSchool and AIAS San Diego
Courtesy of the American Institute of Architecture Students
© Flickr CC user Rory MacLeod
via LA Johnson/NPR
Drawing by Chris Wilkinson (Wilkinson Eyre) for Article 25's 10x10 charity auction.. Image © Chris Wilkinson Courtesy of Article 25