Video: Bjarke Ingels featured as a CNN “Next Lister”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN’s “The Next List” features the bold and innovative ideas of Bjarke Ingels, focusing on the West 57th project that is transforming Manhattan skyline. Ingels states, “In the picture, architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings fit the way we want to live our lives.” The video also features comments from Robert A. M. Stern, Dean at Yale School of Architecture, and Douglas Durst, the developer of West 57th. Check it out!

Reference: CNN

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Video: Bjarke Ingels featured as a CNN “Next Lister”" 08 Feb 2012. ArchDaily. Accessed 24 May 2015. <>
  • mvb

    So creepy!

  • Martin Hedin

    The West 57th project, I think has the same problem as the Seagram building. It is form for forms sake. And in that sense it does not contribute with anything new. I really think architecture should move beyond this limit that the international movement set up. Architecture is not just space.

    • Martin Hedin

      What I am saying is that this is yet again only Starchitecture.

    • connor covey

      More like the United States should move to the so called “International Style”. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have all our design dictated by the dollar and the developer? Its absolutely ridiculous to think of every building as a square, the form is unique and form creates space and new perceptions on space. Architecture doesn’t have one solution, just because it is easiest for the developer. Functionality is very important, I do agree with that, but there is plenty of functionality occurring within this project. Maybe you should watch the video or go to his website, the form is all pushed by context and functional programming. Its not just a weird form, its just not a square.

  • Rose

    I thought the West 57th Project was cancelled? Any one?

  • Patrick Langford

    West 57th isn’t form for form’s sake. No developer would ask an architect to create something “pretty” for $200 Million. BIG worked through programming with the client to deliver all the functional requirements necessary to make the project financially viable. He delivered not a glass box that’s so common but a new vibrant architectural language in a scale and context that makes it part of the unique cityscape of NY.

  • Gina

    this firm will not be here in 5 years.

  • jose Smith

    Saying this is starchitecture is realy a lazy coment, if you instinctively don’t like the building from a street point of view that’s ok but this building is very deeply thought out from the users experience, the person that lives inside it so if you want to say you don’t like it do try to understand how it works and comment on that instead of judjing it as some decorative object

  • oli fort

    Just something he learned from Rem Koolhaas, again and again ..
    I think he actualy does it better then Rem, his is more charismatic.