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Walls: The Latest Architecture and News

Rehabilitation of a Single-Family Home in Miraflores / fuertespenedo arquitectos

© Héctor Santos-Díez© Héctor Santos-Díez© Héctor Santos-Díez© Héctor Santos-Díez+ 37

13 Instagram Accounts That Showcase the Diversity of Facades Around the World

Instagram user @serjios (Serge Najjar). ImageZaha Hadid in Beirut
Instagram user @serjios (Serge Najjar). ImageZaha Hadid in Beirut

In recent years, social media (especially Instagram) has become an extremely important tool in the field of architecture. Instagram has become the go-to visual platform for showcasing a wide variety of architectural typologies and styles, city views, and stunning edifices that often go unnoticed. While these buildings may seem ordinary to the everyday passerby, they become objects of art for not only architects but those who stop to take notice of their design.

Below we have selected 13 Instagram accounts dedicated to highlighting facades and walls from around the world, showcasing the diversity of our cities.

This Instagram is Dedicated to Stunning Walls From Across the World

As architects, we all have a 'thing' for walls, windows, and everything in-between. The aptly named Instagram account @ihaveathingforwalls celebrates the beauty of walls—the peeling, the painted, the colorful, the dilapidated. As a curated selection of submissions from their followers, the page displays photographs of walls from Warsaw to Hong Kong; snapshots of beauty from everyday life.

Take a tour of walls across the globe below, and feel inspired to pay a little more attention to the surfaces around you:

On the Other Side of the Wall of Shame in Lima, Peru

Warning: this article proposes a narrative according to the route taken from one side to the other of the wall, from the predictable to the most unpredictable. To better situate ourselves, the narrative will be told through my personal experience.

"Do you know the wall that divides the rich from the poor?," asked three Greek travelers who, after visiting the "pretty" side of Lima, suspected that something was hiding behind appearances. But, "how is it that from, even though you're from the other side of the world, you knew about the wall?" Well, news travels. And "why is this wall something that has to be seen in our city?" if it's not a cause for pride. I knew exactly what they were talking about. I spelled it out: the wall of shame. Certainly, I wasn't familiar with it in situ either, since I hadn't left my urban bubble, like many of those who live in these parts, so with the same curiosity, as a tourist of my own city, we made our way.