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Verónica Arcos: The Latest Architecture and News

From Digital to Built: Six Experimentations With Brick

Argentine firm Estudio Arzubialde and Chilean architect Verónica Arcos led a Material Experimentation Workshop in Rosario, Argentina, during which six different groups of students designed and built projects using a variety of brick laying techniques.

Each project used different brick patterns based on simple rules, resulting in a structure with a certain degree of geometric complexity. 

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Verónica Arcos Designs Pop Up Radio for GAM Cultural Center in Santiago

Chilean architect Verónica Arcos has been invited to design a modular wood studio that was installed in the central courtyard of the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center. The show was part of the Red Bull Radio Pop Up Santiago, a radio event that broadcasts eight hours a day of live conversation, musical selections and live shows in the search to spread what is now known as Chilean musical identity.

Following the Principles of Félix Candela: An Experimental Wood Workshop in Chile

At the UTFSM in Valparaíso, Chile, architect Verónica Arcos developed a first-year studio centered around the theme of "materiality."

Based on an application of math and geometry in the study of Mexican architect Félix Candela's work, the workshop sought to "put form in crisis and take it to its maximum expression."

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