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Time-Lapse Follows the Demolition of Over 25 Buildings (And it is Even More Satisfying Than You Think)

As Shanghai works hard to become an international economic, financial, trade and shipping center of the world, the city powers behind to keep up with the ever-growing needs. Joe Natisvideo follows the demolition of the buildings that didn’t quite make the cut for the fast-paced 21st century living as soaring skyscrapers and developments take their place.

Time-Lapse Follows the Demolition of Over 25 Buildings (And it is Even More Satisfying Than You Think)Time-Lapse Follows the Demolition of Over 25 Buildings (And it is Even More Satisfying Than You Think)Time-Lapse Follows the Demolition of Over 25 Buildings (And it is Even More Satisfying Than You Think)Time-Lapse Follows the Demolition of Over 25 Buildings (And it is Even More Satisfying Than You Think)+ 41

Astoundingly Colorful Chilean Sunset Captured In Timelapse Photo Series

With over 10,000 followers, Juan Cristóbal Lara's (@eljuancri) Instagram account has become a go-to photographic essay of Chile's capital city, Santiago. His images show an urban area in which the giant Andes mountains, the city's hills, and the Mapocho River are the stars of the show. As the buildings and natural elements harness and reflect the changing light of the sun, Santiago has certified itself as one of the most photogenic cities around.

To commemorate the end of 2017, Lara published his first timelapse—a video filmed over a period of days that shows the Santiago sunset from the San Critóbal and Calán hills.

See the Incredibly Complex Louvre Abu Dhabi Constructed Over 8 Years in This Timelapse

With its massive, intricate roof and man-made pools and canals, Ateliers Jean Nouvel's astonishingly complex Louvre Abu Dhabi was a project 10-years in the making before finally debuting to the public earlier this month. But even if the project missed it's original completion date, it certainly wasn't for lack of trying – and that's proven in this new video timelapse from EarthCam.

The video captures the 8-year-long construction process from groundbreaking to completion, showing the museum as it came together from a variety of perspectives, including how the roof was assembled in mid-air before being gently lowered into place, and the enormous effort of earth moving to build the unique site.

Check out the video below.

Time-Lapse Shows the Roof Installation at Madrid's Wanda Metropolitano Stadium

On Thursday, July 29th, the Estadio Wanda Metropolitano's roof was officially completed. This new stadium, a renovation of the old Peineta athletics stadium, is the new home ground of Spanish football club Atlético Madrid.

In this video, FCC Construcción captures the intense work on the roof which was designed and constructed by engineers Schlaich Bergermann Partner. The milestone marks four months of intense work since the installation of the first of the 96 PTFE radial panels at the north end of the stadium.

Watch AL_A’s MAAT Museum in Lisbon Shimmer in this 4K Timelapse Video

Located along banks of the Tagus in the Lisbon neighborhood of Belém, AL_A's recently completed Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology (MAAT) has brightened up the Lisbon waterfront with its sleek form and glimmering materiality since its opening last October. These qualities have now been captured in a 4K timelapse video by photographer and filmmaker Alejandro Villanueva. The video shows how the building’s presence transforms throughout the day, as the sun reflects off of its unique ceramic facade.

Watch AL_A’s MAAT Museum in Lisbon Shimmer in this 4K Timelapse VideoWatch AL_A’s MAAT Museum in Lisbon Shimmer in this 4K Timelapse VideoWatch AL_A’s MAAT Museum in Lisbon Shimmer in this 4K Timelapse VideoWatch AL_A’s MAAT Museum in Lisbon Shimmer in this 4K Timelapse Video+ 16

Google Timelapse Shows the Rapid Expansion of the World’s Cities over 32 Years

Google Earth has released an update to its Timelapse feature, giving viewers a better look at the rapid expansion of the world’s urban areas between 1984 and 2016.

Originally released in 2013 in partnership with TIME and NASA, the update adds in four more years of data, as well as petabytes of imagery data from two new satellites, Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2, to provide clearer views of new developments and the recent effects of climate change on our natural environments.

Experience LA's Architecture Through This Spectacular Panoramic Time-Lapse

From the Griffith Observatory to the LAX Airport, LACMA’s Urban Light installation, the Bradbury Building, Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Broad, and more, Los Angeles is full of inspiring architecture. In his new 10K x 4K resolution video, photographer and filmmaker Joe Capra of Scientifantastic captures the beauty of LA through panoramic footage. Over a span of two years, Capra stitched time-lapse footage from two synced DSLR cameras together resulting in a spectacular view of the city.

Find out more about Capra’s work here, or view his timelapse of Rio de Janeiro here.

Lost in the Landscape: Snøhetta's Wild Reindeer Center Pavilion, Filmed in 4K

The Dovrefjell mountain range, which divides the north and south of Norway, holds "a unique place in [the] Norwegian consciousness." A constellation of myths and legends are connected to these mountains which have, over recent years, born witness to hunting, mining and military activity. But it is also the home of a large wild reindeer population. At Hjerkinn, on the edge of the Dovrefjell National Park, Oslo-based Snøhetta have created an observation pavilion for the Wild Reindeer Foundation. In this film by Alejandro Villanueva, the building and the surrounding landscape are revealed through time-lapse and in astonishing detail.

Watch as James Corner Field Operation's "Icebergs" Comes Together at the National Building Museum

Building on the popularity of Snarkitecture's popular BEACH last year and BIG's massive Labyrinth in 2014, the National Building Museum's 2016 Summer Block Party installation has returned this year with "ICEBERGS," designed by James Corner Field Operations. ICEBERGS is an interactive underwater environment of glacial ice spanning the museum's Great Hall, and invites in the public to escape the hot Washington D.C. summer by exploring climbable bergs, ice chutes, caves, grottos and more.

Take a look at this time lapse video to see how the project came together.

Canstruction Timelapse: Architects Build Transportation-Inspired Sculptures at the National Building Museum

Twenty-four teams from Washington, DC-based architecture and design firms participated in CanstructionDC 2015 at the National Building Museum, building transportation-themed sculptures out of canned food. At the end of the display, the sculptures will be dismantled and the food will be donated to local hunger relief organizations. Watch the sculptures come together, including a Mayflower bean soup ship and a full-scale smart car, in the timelapse video above. Learn more on the National Building Museum website.

Video: One World Trade Center Features 500 Year Timelapse of New York City

When the One World Trade Center opens its observatory elevators in May, visitors will embark on an unusual journey back in time with animated timelapse that recreates the evolution of Manhattan's skyline starting from the 1500s. In just 47 seconds, visitors will relive the city's architectural history, including the devastation of 9/11, while being lifted up 102 floors. Watch the video above, courtesy of The New York Times!

Video: Rob Whitworth, Stunning Cities in Hyperlapse

Witness the urban life of five stunning metropolises through the lens of Rob Whitworth with these "Vimeo Staff Pick" hyperlapse videos. From the unexplored urban life of the North Korean capital Pyongyang to the towering skyline of Dubai, each video explores an incredible sequence of daily living in cities across the planet. See more, including video from Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai, after the break.

Timelapse Captures 2.5 Year Transformation of Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Humanity’s ability to construct and change an urban landscape is incredible, but rarely do we get to see that interaction at full scale. Beno Saradzic’s "BEYOND: Memoirs in a Timelapse" captures just that. Taken from more than two years of footage from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, this film showcases hourly transformations wrought on some of the city’s most famous buildings, such as the Al Bahar Towers and Burj Khalifa.