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2022 TAB Announces Record Numbers and Extension of Winning Installation Until 2024

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2022: "Edible; Or, The Architecture of Metabolism" announced record numbers in its 6th edition after 3 months of exhibitions in Estonia's capital. From installations and a symposium to satellite events, the biennale received in its opening week a record of circa 3000 visitors between architects, planners, designers, and students from more than 20 countries. Due to the successful outcome, the Installation "Fungible Non-Fungible" will be installed until 2024 marking the beginning of the 7th TAB.

2022 TAB Announces Record Numbers and Extension of Winning Installation Until 2024 - Image 1 of 42022 TAB Announces Record Numbers and Extension of Winning Installation Until 2024 - Image 2 of 42022 TAB Announces Record Numbers and Extension of Winning Installation Until 2024 - Image 3 of 42022 TAB Announces Record Numbers and Extension of Winning Installation Until 2024 - Image 4 of 42022 TAB Announces Record Numbers and Extension of Winning Installation Until 2024 - More Images+ 7

Disrupt Symposium

This spring I bring you the first edition of Disrupt- The Business of Architecture Symposium.

This is the first of its kind event at this scale.

What makes it different from any other bigger business-oriented events you might have attended in the past?

Here you learn from C-level leaders, partners, directors, founders, and editors-in-chief of some of the most prominent and largest architecture businesses in the world.

The event is organised under the tagline: “Success leaves clues”

Call for Papers: Intentionen | Intentions (Design and Research in Architecture and Landscape)

Research-related design and design-related research in architecture, urban design and landscape architecture are generated, supported and structured by intentions as conscious purpose and position as well as intended content of perception, thought and action. The symposium will examine modes of action and meanings of intentions. How do they have an orienting, clarifying and dynamic effect within the processes of design and research, and how do they contribute to design and knowledge? What tensions arise between imprint, orientation and the projective, between research, imagination and realization, and how can these be evaluated, communicated and conveyed in a transferable way? To question

DesignTO Symposium: A Future without Work

DesignTO’s fifth annual symposium brings nine multidisciplinary experts into one room for an inspiring discussion on a Future without Work, covering topics such as the Indigenous workforce, meaning of work, space of work, labour markets, economic systems, and other thought provoking topics. Hear from Jonas Altman, Antonio Cesare Iadarola, Komal Faiz, Carol Anne Hilton, Keith Jones, Symon Oliver, Heather Russek, Jessica Thornton, and Lexi Tsien. Supported by George Brown College School of Design and Gensler.

There's No Good Architecture Without Daylight: How to Promote Designs Molded and Nurtured by Light

Humans spend almost 90% of the time indoors; that's approximately 20 hours a day in closed rooms and 9 hours a day in our own bedrooms. The architectural configurations of these spaces are not random - that is, they have been designed or thought of by someone, and are at least slightly "guided" by the conditions of their inhabitants and their surroundings. Some people inhabit spaces specially catered to their needs and tastes, while others adapt and appropriate designs made for someone else, perhaps developed decades before they were born. In either case, their quality of life may be better or worse depending on the decisions that are made. 

Understanding the importance of carefully designing our interiors, particularly through the lens of access and enjoyment of natural light, was the purpose of the 8th VELUX Daylight Symposium, held on October 9 and 10 of 2019 in Paris. This year, more than 600 researchers and professionals attended and reaffirmed the importance of natural light, presenting a series of concrete tools that could help quantify and qualify light by designing its entry, management, and control with greater depth and responsibility.

AERIAL FUTURES: Living Laboratories Symposium. Announcement & Open Call for Papers

The AERIAL FUTURES: Living Laboratories Symposium examines the confluence of urban elements within the airport landscape—transportation, commerce, public space and technological interfaces—and how Asian airports introduce alternatives for life in transit.

By 2035, it’s estimated that air travel in Asia will be greater than Europe and North America combined, with routes in Asia serving an extra 1.8 billion annual passengers. Increase in airport capacity challenges physical infrastructure as much as operations and passenger experience. A trillion dollars is earmarked for airport development in Asia alone in the next 10 years. Unprecedented growth requirements are difficult to meet and concrete alone is

Asia Pacific Architecture Forum

An initiative of State Library of Queensland and Architecture Media, the 2019 Asia Pacific Architecture Forum will return to Brisbane from 13 to 26 March, 2019.

Shaping the City: A Forum for Sustainable Cities and Communities

The European Cultural Centre for the Exhibition “Time-Space-Existence” in context of the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale is organizing its first conference under the title of: “ Shaping the City : A Forum for Sustainable Cities and Communities”. It includes all participating architectural schools and universities from across the globe in TSE 2018 along with other international institutions and architecture studios.

Aerial Futures: Leading Edge Symposium

Aerial Futures: Leading Edge is lively, provocative and interdisciplinary symposium examining the architecture, technologies and cultures of the contemporary airport. Curated by PLANE—SITE and free to attend, this two-day event understands the airport as a choreographed topography of hypermobility, information and cultures, defining how we travel, trade and connect with each other. It marks the threshold between land and sky, as well as sovereign territories. The airport — what the philosopher Giorgio Agamben describes as a ‘zone of exception’ where the ordinary rules no longer apply — is where the definitive issues of the 21st century play out.

Call for Participants: urbanactionsHK - International Symposium and Workshop

The inadequate provision of open spaces in urban areas is one of the most recurrent challenges for the Hong Kong government. High-quality open public spaces can significantly increase a city’s attractiveness by encouraging business investment and improving living conditions.

Call for Papers `Common Ground - Design and Research in Architecture & Landscape´

The symposium and PhD Review focuses on the production and communication of knowledge about architecture and landscape architecture connected with design-related research projects. The call is directed towards theorists, practicing architects, landscape architects and to PhD students or early Post Docs of both disciplines.

2nd National Architecture Jamboree

The University of Santo Tomas’ Architecture Network (ARCHINET), a recognized student organization, is hosting the 2nd National Architecture Jamboree in the Philippines in order to connect students and professionals from around the country to those around the globe. The National Architecture Jamboree is a four-day event, with the Dynamic Solutions: 9th National Architecture Symposium as its main event to be held on April 21, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Philippines.

Call for Submission: Place and Displacement - A Marketplace in Refugee Settlements

We challenge the innovative minds around the globe to design a marketplace with an operational plan for a vulnerable population (adolescents, single mothers, children, people with trauma, etc) in one of the refugee settlements below. The marketplace should be able to run for long-term, i.e. 3-5 years, and benefit as many people as possible. The overall budget limit for both construction and operation of the entire marketplace is $100,000.

In light of the current surge of refugees in the international arena, refugee livelihoods in transitional settlements have become a crucial topic in contemporary geopolitical relations.

Dallas Architecture Forum Presents "Material Design" Symposium

Join the Dallas Architecture Forum for an afternoon focused on how outstanding design utilizes materials, from common to rare, as integral elements of the design process. Attendees will also learn how leading architects and artists incorporate functionality into their designs, ranging in scale from small sculptures to residences.

Attendees will have the privilege of hearing from two of the most highly regarded practitioners in their fields share insights and lead inspiring discussion on these intriguing topics.



A "National Conference" is organized by School Of Architecture, AMACE. With seminars of architects from all around India. We School of Architecture, AMACE welcome all architecture students to "PROCESS 2k16".

Biennale i2a

The first i2a Biennale will focus on the important territorial transformations currently underway in Switzerland, with more than 20 invited experts from various disciplines participating in a series of encounters and debates. The 3-day event aims to stimulate a dialogue between insiders and citizens, in order to place the transformations of the Swiss territory within a historical, social and political context.

Hans-Georg Bächtold . Cristina Bianchetti . Francesco Buzzi . Sandro Cattacin . Kees Christiaanse . Pierre Dessemontet . Andrea Felicioni . Martin Heller . Marco Hubeli . Yvette Jaggi . Hubert Klumpner . Maria Lezzi . Sébastien Marot

Call for Papers: International Symposium on Urban Design

On the 20th anniversary of its MSc Urban Design Program, the METU Faculty of Architecture is organising an international symposium on urban design to be held between the 4th and 5th October 2016 in Ankara, Turkey: 'Designing Urban Design: Towards a Holistic Perspective'.

ArchCult '16 Symposium in South India

Archcult ’16 – the annual symposium of the Department of Architecture, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli (formerly regional engineering college (REC), Tiruchirappalli) held every year in the month of March (11th, 12th & 13th ). With an active participation of above 1000 students from over 50 colleges, Archcult has been drawing students, professionals, and pioneers from various architectural fields and eminent connoisseurs from across the country. Today, Archcult is one of the most awaited symposiums across the South India.