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10000/1 OFFICE / O architecture

22:00 - 24 May, 2018
Night view. Image © Weiqi Jin
Night view. Image © Weiqi Jin

Glass passages. Image © Weiqi Jin Courtyard. Image © Weiqi Jin Office. Image © Weiqi Jin Doorway. Image © Weiqi Jin + 24

Best Modern Examples of Ancient Courtyard Renovations in China

12:00 - 3 February, 2018
© Fangfang Tian
© Fangfang Tian

Chinese courtyard houses are one of the most common housing typologies spanning all the way from the northern capital of Beijing to the poetic southern cities Hangzhou and back to the picturesque regions of Yunnan. Typically referred as heyuan, these courtyards homes are simply a “yard enclosed on four sides."

Traditionally, heyuans were large single-family homes, built to house multiple generations of descendants, thus the essential gathering place for micro-communities. Today, however, many heyuans in China are faced with the challenges of encroaching urban development. The national reforms of the 1950’s divided up many existing courtyards to be occupied by multiple families and groups, exhausting ancient sanitation systems nationwide. These practical circumstances together with market-driven conditions have sparked a renewed interest among architects, to upgrade the conditions of these ancient courtyards and explore the spatial and conceptual possibilities of the typology within their fast-changing urban fabric. Scroll down for a selection of projects that will refresh your understanding of Chinese courtyards.

© Mingming Zhang Courtesy of hyperSity Architects Courtesy of Atelier Archmixing © Weiqi Jin, Ning Wang + 17

Twisting Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO

20:00 - 14 June, 2017
Twisting Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO, Courtyard. Image © Weiqi Jin
Courtyard. Image © Weiqi Jin

Kitchen. Image © Weiqi Jin Entrance turn. Image © Weiqi Jin Room - tearoom mode. Image © Weiqi Jin Details. Image © Weiqi Jin + 32

  • Architects

  • Location

    Beijing, China
  • Category

  • Design Team

    Han Wenqiang, Huang Tao
  • Main Materials

    Gray brick, oak panels
  • Area

    161.5 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs

Micro-Hutong / standardarchitecture

19:00 - 11 October, 2015
Micro-Hutong / standardarchitecture, © Chen Su
© Chen Su

© Su Shengliang © Zhang Yanping © Zhang Mingming © Su Shengliang + 49