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New York Map Highlights Sidewalks with Social Distancing Possibilities

As social distancing becomes the new norm in the fight against COVID-19, people are finding it harder to keep up with the six-foot rule in dense cities. Urban Planner Meli Harvey developed a map of New York that shows the width of sidewalks in the city, aiming to highlight public areas where social distancing can be maintained.

Courtesy of Meli HarveyCourtesy of Meli HarveyCourtesy of Meli HarveyCourtesy of Meli Harvey+ 15

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What's the Difference Between a Road, a Street and an Avenue?

What's the difference between a "road", a "drive" and a "way"? Or between a "street", a "boulevard" and an "avenue"? The naming conventions that we attribute to the networks that we use to move about are, in fact, a little more complex than you might imagine. In this film by Phil Edwards for Vox, the intricate world of road classification and definition is given a (long overdue) explanation – and one which might help you think a little deeper about urban mobility.