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Shipping: The Latest Architecture and News

Santiago Metro Line 3 Captured by María González

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Rumor had it that behind the walls of historic subway station Cal y Canto in Santiago de Chile, a hidden ghost station would eventually link to Line 3—a planned route that was part of the original Metro master plan designed in the 60s. Its construction would have been shelved after the magnitude-7.8 1985 earthquake that forced public resources to be redirected for the reconstruction of the Chilean central valley.

34 years later, the Cal y Canto Metro station finally opened its connection with Line 3, the most recent addition to the rapid transit system, thus becoming the seventh line of Santiago after lines 1, 2, 4, 4A, 5, and 6.

Tesla Unveils Electric Cargo Truck that Could Change the Future of Shipping

At last night’s keynote address, Tesla unveiled the company’s first electric-powered large cargo vehicle, the Tesla Semi, providing a first look at how the shipping industry of the future could operate.

Employing the same sleek forms that define their roadster and sedan models, the Tesla Semi is designed “specifically around the driver,” with ergonomically-designed stairs for easier entry and exit, full standing height interior, and a centrally-position driver’s seat for optimal visibility. Touchscreen displays will provide the driver with heads-up navigation and data monitoring, while a blind spot protection will increase driver awareness on the road.

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Go Beyond: Design Challenge

The Go Beyond: Design Challenge is unique from usual design competitions because it funds the construction of a working prototype in addition to offering prize money. This is an international design competition organized by the Singapore-based ONG FOUNDATION for architects, engineers, designers and innovators to create new-to-the-world solutions. Every year, about two million shipping containers are no longer used. What if these could be upcycled into sustainable architecture to reduce the total carbon footprint of global development?

Dutch Designers Propose Ways of Transforming Decommissioned Oil Tankers Into Tiny Cities

Four Dutch designers—Chris Collaris, Ruben Esser, Sander Bakker and Patrick van der Gronde—have envisioned a sustainable design of re-use for a discarded oil tanker in the Southern Gulf Region, which they have entitled The Black Gold. They believe that the oil tanker is the "perfect icon" for representing "the geographic, economic and cultural history of the Arabic oil states" – an icon which they predict will become more and more obsolete as the supply of crude oil is moved away from shipping and into pipe infrastructure.