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“Architecture is about Human Experience”: Diego Cano-Lasso on Designing with Nature in Los Angeles

Contemporary architecture is increasingly created as a product of the market. Human experience and natural systems are traded for convenience and the bottom dollar, resulting in buildings that become commodities rather than spaces for daily life. When architects SelgasCano set out to design the new Second Home in Los Angeles, they aimed to challenge the status quo. In doing so, the team created one of the city’s most inspiring developments in recent memory.

Second Home Hollywood. Image © Iwan BaanSecond Home Hollywood. Image © Iwan BaanSecond Home Hollywood. Image © Iwan BaanSecond Home Hollywood. Image © Iwan Baan+ 7

“Diversity Fosters Creativity”: Rohan Silva on Building a Creative Community for Los Angeles

Second Home Los Angeles. Image Courtesy of Second Home
Second Home Los Angeles. Image Courtesy of Second Home

Los Angeles has long been a testing ground for new ideas on architecture and design. Tapping into the city’s creative energy, the cofounders of Second Home, Rohan Silva and Sam Aldenton, are working with Spanish architects Selgascano to finish a new 90,000-square-foot Hollywood outpost. Second Home launched its first office space in east London in 2014 and made its name with smart co-working design featuring bright colors, glass walls and abundant greenery.

In an exclusive interview with ArchDaily, Rohan talks about his background and the early stages of Second Home. Silva touches on the team’s new project, bringing the Serpentine Pavilion to Los Angeles, and what it means to build a creative community through architecture.

Second Home Los Angeles. Image Courtesy of Second HomeSecond Home Los Angeles. Image Courtesy of Second HomeRohan Silva and Sam Aldenton. Image Courtesy of Second HomeSerpentine Pavilion. Image © Iwan Baan+ 8

Second Home to Open Vibrant Los Angeles Campus

Second Home, a London-based creative business, is set to open its first location the U.S. Designed by Madrid-based Selgascano, the project will see the transformation of the historic site of the Anne Banning Community house in East Hollywood through a 90,000-square-foot urban campus.

© Second Home© Second Home© Second Home© Second Home+ 8

Second Home Restaurant / Andre Kikoski

Located in Cherry Creek, Colorado, Andre Kikoski’s Second Home is a five star hotel restaurant. Andre Kikoski Architect, PLLC is a multidisciplinary firm that is committed to artistic innovation, material research, and detail-oriented design. For Second Home, Kikoski “created an approachable and comfortable locale…with a playful, contemporary restaurant and lounge. The design strategy embraces textural contrast and celebrates the dissonance of eclectic elements to create a truly memorable patron experience.”

More about the interior after the break.