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Contemporary architecture is increasingly created as a product of the market. Human experience and natural systems are traded for convenience and the bottom dollar, resulting in buildings that become commodities rather than spaces for daily life. When architects SelgasCano set out to design the new Second Home in Los Angeles, they aimed to challenge the status quo. In doing so, the team created one of the city’s most inspiring developments in recent memory. The cofounders of Second Home, Rohan Silva and Sam Aldenton, worked with SelgasCano to finish the now-complete 90,000sqft outpost. Second Home purchased the four-acre property on the corner of North St. Andrews Place and De Longpre Avenue that connected to the 1964 colonial revival building by architect Paul Williams. In an exclusive interview with ArchDaily, Diego Cano-Lasso talks about his background, what it means to design with nature, and how Second Home Hollywood centers on human experience. View more View full description
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