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Second Home, a London-based creative business, is set to open its first location the U.S. Designed by Madrid-based Selgascano, the project will see the transformation of the historic site of the Anne Banning Community house in East Hollywood through a 90,000-square-foot urban campus. Second Home Hollywood will be home to 250 diverse organizations and teams and will feature a branch of Second Home’s bookshop Libreria, a 200-person auditorium, post-production facilities, a restaurant, outdoor terraces, meeting and event spaces, and more. Similar to existing facilities in London and Lisbon, the scheme will feature a bold use of unconventional materials, and abundant foliage to enhance occupant wellbeing. The scheme forms a contemporary interpretation of Los Angeles’ early 20th-century bungalow court residences, incorporating ideas that expand on Southern California’s architectural legacy. The scheme is dominated by 60 single-story, oval-shaped studios unified by a sinuous, yellow roof plane. Each element is wrapped in transparent, curved, acrylic walls, providing unobscured connections with the outdoors. The pods, linked by winding paths, are nestled in lush gardens of over 6,500 plants. View more View full description
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