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Newly Drawn: Emerging Finnish Architects

15:30 - 30 December, 2009

There are certain publications that capture a unique moment on a certain architectural scene, becoming a must have for your bookshelf. And trust me, Newly Drawn is one of those.

Aalto and Saarinen marked some points along the modern architecture timeline, and now this book  presents us the new breed of finnish architects, starting by individualizing each of them on the cover, stating that they are young and with character.

The books is organized by practices, showing recent built and un-built works in detail, with good photos and drawings – something that is always appreciated by architects, but not always accomplished by the publishers.

Some of the works included on this book have been already featured in ArchDaily, such as the The University of Helsinki City Campus Library by Anttinen Oiva arkkitehdit and the Lakeside House by NOW for Architecture and Urbanism.

More details of the book and where to buy it after the break.

Expanded Practice: Höweler + Yoon Architecture / MY Studio

18:30 - 28 December, 2009

The title “Expanded Practice” comes from how Höweler + Yoon Architecture / My Studio have named their design methodology. And in this book it’s not just a title, as the book is really a guide on how this young firm conceives their projects rather than a mere catalog of works.

Their works can’t be grouped in types of buildings, instead their works are grouped in envelopes, natures, formats, interactions and media, as they range from a Möbius strip dress, to a responsive park.

What caught me while reading this book is the effective use of technology developed by this practice, not just mere eye candy as we are used to. It clearly shows how the architects’ experimentation with small electronic components could be derived into interactive spaces through a methodological work. And I have to repeat “metholodogy” as it is the most important part of this book, which makes it a learning tool instead of a construction catalog as we are used to on typical monographs.

More information about this book after the break.

The Miller Hull Partnership, Public Works

18:30 - 23 December, 2009

I had to say that I wasn’t aware of the work by the Miller Hull Partnership, a Seattle based firm established in 1977, until we received this book from Princeton Architectural Press.

The book, a sequel to the 2001 monograph by the same publishing house, shows a selection of recent projects in a good format, with clear drawings and good photos.

The projects cover both residential and public works, such as the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant a wonderful project, which doubles as a park with picnic areas. The rest of the works of the firm have a clear signature when it comes to materials and structural solutions, with transparency as something in common.

I recommend this book for both its clear presentation and the quality of the works by the firm.

More information about this book after the break.

Climate Design: Design and Planning for the Age of Climate Change

12:00 - 2 December, 2009

Climate change and dwindling global resources bring with them a set of complex challenges, demanding new design and planning approaches that achieve more with less. Climate: Design, written for designers, architects, planners, policymakers, and academics alike, explores the current paradigm shift and illustrates how new thinking can convert investments in urban infrastructure, land use, and development into resilient and enduring support systems for human and environmental prosperity.

Arcadian Architecture: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson-12 Houses

11:50 - 20 November, 2009

The architecture firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson believes that “the sensuality of place, the emotive qualities of materials, and the ability to give pleasure and insight, to comfort and to transport can produce humane and spirited architecture.” Whether designing corporate headquarters for Pixar Animation Studios, the Software Engineering Institute for Carnegie Mellon University, the new Apple Stores in New York, Chicago, and Tokyo, or the twelve wooded retreats shown in this book, the firm’s architecture is alive to the subtleties of place, man-made or natural, and to the rich possibilities of materials and the means of construction.

You Are the City / Petra Kempf

07:30 - 30 September, 2009

Observation, organization, and transformation of urban settings.

“Although we will never fully comprehend the entire complexity of a city in one moment, we can understand the urban construct through the interaction of its parts”

The people from Lars Muller Publishers always keep in surprising us with their creations. In this case we are talking about a kind of book… which is not really a book but a series of transparent sheets which allow us to perceive the urban phenomena by isolating and superimposing individual components in order to have a personal interpretation of what the city is (that’s the reason of the title).

The publication offers an original approach to the study and comprehension of the complex urban systems, networks and connections. In words of the publisher it is “a mapping tool that creates a framework for understanding the continually changing configuration of the city. With transparent slides, the tool allows one to superimpose various realities like layers and build new urban connections. It invites readers in short to immerse themselves in the complexity of our cities”.

The author of this remarkable publication is Petra Kempf, a New York based Architect and Urban Designer.

Mark Magazine #19

14:23 - 15 April, 2009

Just got in the mail the latest issue (nº19, april-may) of Mark Magazine in the mail. I have always praised the exquisite covers and graphic design of this magazine, but i´ve forgotten to tell you how nice is the packaging (see below).

The white cover comes with an amazing photo of the Ningbo Historic Museum, photographed by Iwan Baan with a phrase in bold gold letters “The only true rival of architecture is the natural world” (Taira Nishizawa).

As usual, the section Notice Board showcases interesting fresh unbuilt projects from around the world: Zira Island by BIG, the Taipei Performing Arts Center by OMA, Villa Long (ORDOS 100) by RSVP and the Crematorium by Plan 01. Also projects by Zaha Hadid, Manuelle Gautrand, Piercy Conner, Architekten Cie, Baksvanwengerden, Ryuchi Ashizawa, Alberto Dueño X-TU, Fantastic, a cool beach house by Andreas Angelidakis, MAPT, Tasou, KLNB, Daniel Simmons, Steven Holl, Plaren, Ugis Senbergs, UN Studio, Dick van Gameren, Megan Panzano, Modo Studio, CCDP, Sofia Cattinario and Brenac Gonzalez.

Mark Magazine #17

11:52 - 26 December, 2008

The December-January edition of Mark Magazine features a new design, more clear and simple, but with the same quality content. A a very classy black and white composition with the skylights of Torafu´s House in Kohoku is featured on the over.

Now, lets head to the contents of this issue.

Mark Magazine #16

23:50 - 21 October, 2008

I was very eager waiting for the mail man on this one, because as i stated before, Mark Magazine is one of my favourite publications when it comes to new projects.

The October/November issue has a very nice texture on the cover, featuring Sou Fujimoto´s Log House. This issue´s central theme is “House Rules”, with 7 amazing houses on the inside.

But lets start by the beginning, with the section Notice Board.

Mark Magazine #15

16:00 - 25 September, 2008

Mark Magazine is by far one of my favourite architecture magazines. Their motto “Another architecture” tells us what we´ll find inside: fresh architecture – the main reason we love this magazine so much.

This bimonthly magazine is structured in 5 sections: Noticeboard (a collage of new projects), Cross Section (short articles on new buildings and architectural subjects), Viewpoint (interviews with architects on the rise), Long Section (in depth articles on buildings) and Service Area (new building materials).

On the August/September issue (October one on the mail, more about that soon) we find an amazing house by spanish studio Ensamble, shown on a collage with embossed textures, something that has become a signature on Mark Magazine covers.