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WOJR Explores Symmetry in House of the Woodland

Cambridge-based design practice WOJR has designed House of the Woodland, a pyramidal house grounded in framing and symmetry. Designed around rituals of respite, the project utilizes a nine-square grid structuring four plywood trusses resting atop eight cinder block walls. Sited in the Berkshires, the design makes its grid organization visible through the roof's large-scale coffers. The project explores a series of dichotomies through materials, space and form.

House of the Woodland. Image Courtesy of D-RenderHouse of the Woodland. Image Courtesy of D-RenderHouse of the Woodland. Image Courtesy of D-RenderHouse of the Woodland. Image Courtesy of D-Render+ 20

“Architecture is Hope”: A Conversation with Li Hu of OPEN Architecture

© Su Shenliang. ImageGarden School / OPEN Architecture© Wu Qingshan. ImageMARS Case / OPEN Architecture© OPEN Architecture. ImageUCCA Dune Art Museumi / OPEN Architecture © OPEN Architecture. ImageChapel of Sound / OPEN Architecture+ 31

Meeting with many leading, independent Chinese architects and visiting their built works throughout China in recent years has shaped my understanding of their contributions as regionally sensitive, poetic, photogenic, and even seductive. Yet, so many of these projects can be confused as being produced by a single, narrowly-focused practice. These works are often small in scale and built far from urban centers where ordinary people could benefit from them most. There is a lack of diversity and risk-taking. The following excerpt from my interview with Beijing-based architect Li Hu on his recent visit to New York overturned my doubts and gave me much hope for China’s urban future.

OPEN Architecture's Chapel of Sound Reimagines the Concert Hall

Nestled in a valley north of Beijing, a building will soon be completed that may appear to have always been there, or to have emerged from and grown out of the surrounding stony landscape. OPEN Architecture’s Chapel of Sound in Chengde, China was recently recognized in the 66th annual Progressive Architecture (P/A) Awards, chosen as one of ten projects to receive the commendation. The P/A Awards focus on innovative, ongoing work that promotes new ways of thinking about architecture. The Chapel of Sound was noted for its creation of a new, progressive type of environment and its reimagining of an established typology.

Outdoor stageGreat wall viewing platformOutdoor concertExterior view+ 14

The Stump House offers a "Lyrical and Pragmatic" Live-Work Space in the California Mountains

In the design of the “Stump House,” situated in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, Brooklyn-based PARA Project was faced with unique constraints and unique possibilities. With local regulations imposing a 1,200 square foot footprint limit, 40-foot height limit, and provision for an adjoining 1,000 square foot uninhabitable structure, the design team was challenged to fit an extensive live-work space with little margin for maneuver.

In response, the design team, led by Jon Lott, stacked one structure on top of the other, with an uninhabited art studio at the lower level embedded in the sloping landscape. Combined with the above habitable space, the proposal creates a combined live-work program under a single roof, in-keeping with height and use regulations. Such was the beauty of their response, the Stump House has been awarded an Honorable Mention at the 2019 Architect Magazine Progressive Architecture Awards.

Approach. Image © Jon Lott / PARA ProjectNorthwest elevation. Image © Jon Lott / PARA ProjectNortheast. Image © Jon Lott / PARA ProjectHistorical reference. Image © Jon Lott / PARA Project+ 19

6 Unbuilt Projects Win Progressive Architecture Award

In its 62nd year of competition, six projects emerged to receive ARCHITECT Magazine's Progressive Architects Awards (P/A). This year’s awards celebrate designs that fully embrace the context of their surroundings, whether through bold or restrained methods. Regardless of the approach, each of the winners exhibit both creativity and energy in their designs.

The winning projects are... 

10 Unbuilt Projects Honored With Progressive Architecture Award

ARCHITECT Magazine has named 10 unbuilt projects that will be honored with this year’s Progressive Architecture (P/A) Award. The annual award, now in its 61st edition, recognizes projects for being an exemplar of innovation and design excellence.

The winners, after the break...