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Competition-Winning Students Design and Build Pavilions for Remote Chinese School

For students of architecture, few things are as thrilling as seeing one of their designs physically built. For a group of Polish and Norwegian-based students, this dream has become a reality.

Having won the 120 Hours student competition in 2017, the Warsaw University of Technology team behind the “In ‘n’ Out Village” winning proposal has combined with students at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design to realize the design, constructing 19 pavilions in a Chinese schoolyard.

© Jakub Andrzejewski © Jakub Andrzejewski Courtesy of PR 120 Hours Courtesy of PR 120 Hours + 20

120 Hours 2016: 'Whatever Happened to Architectural Space?'

120 Hours, an open architectural competition organised by students from the Oslo School of Architecture, is inviting fellow students from around the world to explore the role of the architect in today's society. The competition, according to its organisers, is in "a unique position to make students reflect on their future profession. We want to challenge people to rethink the future of architecture." Last year's competition, chaired by Julien de Smedt, received 741 submissions from 90 different countries.

Can you prove that you will be the next great architect in just five days?

120 HOURS, - one of the worlds most important student competition, for and by architecture students, challenge you to redefine the meaning of sustainability in architecture. The catch; you only have five short days, and you have to convince OMA-partner Ellen Van Loon. Still up for it?

If you are so lucky as to find yourself with a job after you graduate school, the leap from student life to professional architect can be quite a challenge. From working on projects with deadlines many months down the line, to working day and night on proposals due “yesterday”. This is the harsh reality for most young professionals.

In 2010, three students at the Oslo School of Architecture wanted to create a new arena where Norwegian students could acquaint themselves with life as a professional architect. The result was the birth of the competition 120 HOURS.

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