Plaza of Kanagawa Institute of Technology / junya ishigami + associates

The text was written by the project curator with reference to the architect's notes. While working on the outdoor plaza to the KAIT workshop of Kanagawa Institute of Technology (completed in winter of 2008) Junya Ishigami + Associates considered two main characteristics: Versatility and the Semi-outdoor, and what these two would really represent within the project development.

Enrico Fermi School / BDR bureau

The existing school building, built in the 1960s in the Nizza Millefonti district between the former industrial area of the Lingotto and the Po river in the south-east area of Turin, has been extended and it is functionally rethought. The new educational needs – in which the school becomes an integral part of the community and merges with the urban fabric – represents the future of education and architecture for the Italian school.

Amore Pacific Research and Design Center / Álvaro Siza Vieira + Carlos Castanheira + Kim Jang Kyu

Amore Pacific is a brand of cosmetics, products used in industrial quantities by oriental women to enhance their beauty, hide imperfections or to deepen the whiteness of their skin, a sign of nobility and beauty, like the gaja* whose white features, charm and musical sensibility turned her into an object of cult and desire.

Medieval Brutalism: The Entrance of Switzerland's Castelgrande Captured by Simone Bossi

Situated on Ticino's rocky peaks are the historic Medieval Castles of Bellinzona: Montebello, Sasso Corbaro, and Castelgrande. And while all three castles and their fortifications have become part of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, it is not only the ancient walls that leave visitors enchanted, but the gateways that leads to them.

Burning Bridges Installation / KATARSIS ab

Nikola-Lenivets is a small Russian village located in the Kaluga Region, not too far from Moscow, where artist Nikolay Polissky created one of the largest art parks in Europe. The area of 650 ha serves as an experimental ground for visual arts, architecture, music, and theatre. Having engaged the village community, Nikolay created a world-famous landmark with a steady flow of tourists that contributes to local employment. The park regularly hosts large-scale festivals, and Archstoyanie is, probably, the best known among them.

The Cosmopolitan Building / BOGDAN & VAN BROECK

At the Quai aux Pierres de Taille, a former quay of the no longer existing harbour of Brussels, surrounded by old warehouses and next to the Royal Flemish Theatre, a 60’s office tower rises above its neighbours. The style and scale of the construction contrast with the local urban fabric, but thanks to its perpendicular implantation to the street the tower remains discreet and often unnoticed. The project profoundly transformed this building into a mixed-use complex comprising 130 units divided in a variety of dwellings ranging from compact smart studios to generous 3 bedrooms apartments. 

5 Beams House / Gubbins-Polidura

We had been developing many houses in sloped sites and the main issue in all of them was the connection with the land. That was what this client asked us to continue and emphasize for his project. They wanted a house connected with the ground and with the context but saving privacy, obviously privileging the sea views, but also the landscape of the hills behind. The challenge of the site was to work with the slope (20% average). Besides the connection with the ground, that is an architectonic issue, we must be able to solve technical problems such as the management of rain waters or the contention of the ground by proposing creative architectural solutions.

Friendship Hospital Satkhira / Kashef Chowdhury/URBANA

The hospital is situated in a predominantly rural area that had been heavily affected by a major cyclone just a few years ago. In this natural, nature-ravaged landscape, thinly marked with low-rise structures and thatched houses, a local philanthropist donated land for Friendship to build an eighty-bed hospital.

Alexander Kielland House / Trodahl Arkitekter

This detached residence near Sandnes town centre, on the southwest coast of Norway, features a maritime climate with abundant rainfall. The plot slopes steeply to the east, dropping about 7 metres and overlooking the town. The poured concrete structure encloses roughly 2368 square feet of floor space. To maximise the view and the evening sunshine the house has three levels, the top floor being flush with the plot's highest point, to the west. The primary living areas are here, with direct access through the kitchen to the upper garden.

The Twins House / DELUTION

The house is located in Cipulir, with 70 sq meters and a densely populated environment. Just walk through the alley with 1,5 sq meters or by the motorcycles. Two Houses were built in this land for two families consisting of 4 people (a couple of husband and wife and also two children), and a woman with disabilities. The Twins is adopted from the house concept of brothers-sisters.

Odori Hotel / Nimara Architects

Odori hotel constructed in relatively narrow site with 6x18,8 meters area, which must have a very efficient space programs in designing, with 13 units of guest rooms, coffee shop which also functions as lobby and concierge, service area and as well roof garden on the top floor.

Brick Screen House / MS DESIGN STUDIO

A house should reflect the taste and the personality of its owner as well as the ability of the architects to make the whole come together and form a space fit for its occupants and its context. And that’s the philosophy we followed while designing this residence. The house follows a subtle Indian and earthy aesthetic as per the client’s taste, and has been designed keeping in mind the climatic conditions of the place.

Avala House / TEN

The Avala House is a residence situated in a pastural landscape on Avala mountain near Belgrade in Serbia. The house is a case study on how a design effort can turn sufficiency into a desirable form for living.

CBT Toledo Educational Center / Juan Caorsi Castillo + ANEP - DSI

The C.B.T. Toledo is a public educational establishment, with a basic cycle of secondary education, focused on technical education.

Dique 2A Berria Housing Renovation / Behark

Located in a small hill next to the estuary of Bilbao, in the riverfront of Olabeaga’s quarter, close to the city centre, 2A Dique street old building was in its origins a two stories farmhouse, that was subsequently converted into a collective household with the addition of three stories more. These very small dwellings were laid out around a tiny compensated staircase, which made its accessibility very difficult. The problem was aggravated with the location of the building in a steep slope, which has a great elevation difference with the street. Besides the housing units lacked insulation or any heating system. All this circumstances, combined with the age of some of the dwellers, make the efficient refurbishment of the building very recommendable. A plan was elaborated and presented to various public institutions in order to obtain aids for the financing of the works.

Rehabilitation of Roman Tabernae in the Trajan’s Market / Labics

The Trajan’s projects include two different typologies of intervention: the rehabilitation of the tabernae along the Via Biberatica in the Trajan’s Market, and the realization of a new pedestrian walkway across the Trajan’s Forum, adjacent to the ancient path of Campo Carleo.

Les Tiennes Marcel / Mohamed Omaïs & Olivia Gomes architects

This project is an order from a Parisian family living in an apartment, who wants to move in a town house to get more space and live together with the grandmother. Between two common walls, the owners had an infilled plot in Paris suburb.

Garden House in Musashimasuko / Toshihiro Aso Design Office

My clients were a couple – an office worker and a stay-at-home wife - with a child and two dogs. “We want a garden and… a local community to feel that we are part of the community.” This was the wish list my clients shared with me when I received an order for designing their house. For the clients, who have already moved more than 10 times so far, building their own house is part of making their dream come true - “to have their own local community.”