Aware Tea / Yue-Design Space Design Studio

00:00 - 22 May, 2019
Aware Tea / Yue-Design Space Design Studio, second-entry room. Image © Xiaofang Min
second-entry room. Image © Xiaofang Min

AwareTea is located in Qingguo Alley, a historic street in Changzhou. The alley is along with Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and many celebrities come out from it, which make the alley become so famous. In order to revivify the traditional scenes, the municipal government of Changzhou reserved the main historic architecture while repairing.

Bed & Breakfast Santulan / Santos Bolívar

08:00 - 21 May, 2019
Bed & Breakfast Santulan / Santos Bolívar, © José María González Villavicencio
© José María González Villavicencio

Santulan is balance in hindi, which was the concept used for the development of the project that seeks to be inclusive, not only being a tourist destination, but also being an example of a permanent culture of respect and balance with the ecosystem from its inhabitant to the building.

Drongen Furniture Store / WE-S architecten

01:00 - 20 May, 2019
Drongen Furniture Store / WE-S architecten, © Johnny Umans
© Johnny Umans

The building consists of a furniture store with a lunch bar on the street side, as well as an office building at the rear of the site. Both are visualized on the basis of two geometric figures that were partly pushed together. The result is a geometric interplay of 2 different volumes that characterize both store and office.

Al Janoub Stadium / Zaha Hadid Architects

00:00 - 18 May, 2019
Al Janoub Stadium / Zaha Hadid Architects, © Hufton + Crow
© Hufton + Crow

The client’s brief was for a 40,000-seat football stadium for the 2022 World Cup which could be reduced to a 20,000-seat capacity in its legacy mode following the tournament. 20,000 seats are the optimum capacity for legacy use as the home ground to Al Wakrah Sport Club professional football team of the Qatar Stars national league. These temporary seats have been designed to be demountable and transportable to a developing country in need of sporting infrastructure for post-tournament usage. Further temporary accommodation such as concessions is required for the additional capacity of FIFA World Cup tournament mode. This has been built as a temporary overlay outside the permanent footprint and enclosure of the stadium in its legacy mode.

OpaslyTom Restaurant / BUCK.STUDIO

02:00 - 16 May, 2019
OpaslyTom Restaurant / BUCK.STUDIO, © PION Basia Kuligowska, Przemysław Nieciecki
© PION Basia Kuligowska, Przemysław Nieciecki

Right in the heart of Warsaw, on more than 260 square meters of a split level layout, the Opasly Tom (eng. Fat Volume) restaurant serves contemporary Polish cuisine in the suite of connecting rooms varying in scale. There is also a bar with reading room, a wine cellar and a semi-open fine dining kitchen. A creative menu embraces the concept of slow food, the principle of the season and the quality produce of Polish regions.

Indoor Pools: Bringing the Tranquility of Water to Interiors

04:30 - 14 May, 2019
Indoor Pools: Bringing the Tranquility of Water to Interiors, © Valentin Jeck
© Valentin Jeck

Within architecture, water evokes sentiments of calmness and wellbeing. The element has influenced design through its dynamic and fluid nature. With recent technological advances, architects have created some of the most strategic, innovative, and unexpected intersections of design and H2O.

ANIS Office Building / DREAM + Nicolas Laisné

01:00 - 14 May, 2019
ANIS Office Building / DREAM + Nicolas Laisné, © Cyrille Weiner
© Cyrille Weiner

The Nice Méridia urban technology hub is now home to Anis, an office building with terraces designed by the architects Dimitri Roussel and Nicolas Laisné. Reflecting the interest shown by companies in outdoor spaces and greenery, the structure is innovative from the point of view of the working spaces that it offers, but also the committed environmental approach.

Rose House / Baracco+Wright Architects

19:00 - 12 May, 2019
Rose House / Baracco+Wright Architects, © Rory Gardiner
© Rory Gardiner

A new house for the Rose family combining two residences in one volume: a 2 bedroom terrace type house for the adult children and a 3 bedroom + study house for the parents.

Milton House / Estudio Atemporal

14:00 - 10 May, 2019
Milton House / Estudio Atemporal, © Luis Gallardo LGM Studio
© Luis Gallardo LGM Studio

The project consisted on the final phase of the rehabilitation of a mid-century house that had been previously intervened in two initial stages between 2014 and 2016 in which the second and third floors were transformed into a temporary apartment and a terrace respectively.

Hapimag Headquarter Offices / HILDEBRAND

02:00 - 10 May, 2019
Hapimag Headquarter Offices / HILDEBRAND, © Roman Keller
© Roman Keller

Creating a place of identity amidst anonymous industrial buildings
HILDEBRAND has designed a striking new headquarters for Hapimag amidst the anonymity of the industrial estate in Steinhausen. The building offers flexibility which allows the company to fluidly adapt and adjust to future developments in the constantly changing world of office structures. It equally offers unique open spaces which provide a strong identity and encourages and facilitates interaction on all levels. The core of the square office building is dominated by an enormous elliptical concrete ramp connecting all floors.

A Guy, his Bulldog, a Vegetable Garden, and the Home they Share / HUSOS

06:00 - 9 May, 2019
A Guy, his Bulldog, a Vegetable Garden, and the Home they Share / HUSOS, © José Hevia
© José Hevia

This is a project to refurbish a small, 46 square metre apartment for Jaime, an ER doctor, and Albóndiga, his bulldog. Although the original apartment had a double east-west orientation, most of the cross-ventilation was blocked by several interior walls, which meant that the distribution did not adequately respond to Madrid’s high temperatures in summer. This was a key aspect to consider in the new design, for both Jaime and Albóndiga. As bulldogs are a delicate breed, they are especially sensitive to heat. This was why the interior was redistributed to create a kitchen-living-dining room that is open to the east as well as the west, allowing the air to circulate.

Haus Gables / MALL

06:00 - 7 May, 2019
Haus Gables / MALL, © NAARO

The 2,200­square­foot home challenges the domestic interior through materiality, color, and form. Haus Gables is one of only a handful of residences in the country made of cross-laminated timber (CLT), an exceptionally strong wood material produced by gluing together layers of lumber that alternate in direction.

Rethinking Sacred Spaces for New Purposes

04:00 - 7 May, 2019
Rethinking Sacred Spaces for New Purposes, © Stijn Poelstra
© Stijn Poelstra

In the wake of the recent fires at Paris’ Notre Dame and the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, we have seen many architects propose new ways of rebuilding these sacred spaces, opening them up to new possibilities.

Historically, after the decline of the Catholic Church and the increasing loss of faith in several locations in Europe and in North America, the maintenance costs and the disuse of sacred spaces has led to the eventual abandonment of churches, shrines and monasteries with great architectural and historical value.

This opens a new opportunity for investors and architects to rescue and re-contextualize the historical heritage of these buildings. Below we present 15 examples of adaptive reuse in ancient churches--transformed into hotels, homes, museums, libraries and other cultural spaces.

ArchDaily's 2019 Refurbishment in Architecture Awards are Now Open for Nominations

10:00 - 6 May, 2019
ArchDaily's 2019 Refurbishment in Architecture Awards are Now Open for Nominations

In partnership with MINI Clubman, we have launched our second edition of ArchDaily's 2019 Refurbishment in Architecture Awards. This award highlights the best refurbishment projects from around the world.

Yamasen Japanese Restaurant / TERRAIN architects

00:00 - 4 May, 2019
Yamasen Japanese Restaurant / TERRAIN architects, © Timothy Latim
© Timothy Latim

A commercial building was built for a Japanese restaurant, a cafe and small shops sharing a concept that enhances local values of food and materials. It is located in a residential area of a suburban town in Kampala, Uganda. We designed the building with a big thatched roof that complements the gently sloping land at right angles to the contour lines keeping 5 existing trees.

Viettel Offsite Studio / VTN Architects

12:00 - 1 May, 2019
Viettel Offsite Studio / VTN Architects, Courtesy of VTN Architects
Courtesy of VTN Architects

Locate on a light slope, besides a quiet lake and landscape abundant trees, Viettel Offsite Studio is inclusive 6 units; a welcoming reception, a dinning and four studios. It is located on the outskirts of Hanoi, around 30km and takes 40 minutes by car.

Organicare Showroom / Tropical Space

00:00 - 1 May, 2019
Organicare Showroom / Tropical Space, © Quang Dam
© Quang Dam

Organicare is a showroom for the Vietnam traditional fish sauce and organic products. The project is reformed from an old house which was built before 1975. The house itself was fixed and expanded for many times.

Jordi & Anna interior renovation / Hiha Studio

03:00 - 30 April, 2019
Jordi & Anna interior renovation  / Hiha Studio, © Pol Viladoms
© Pol Viladoms

The project consisted of updating and adapting an existing building to the present, to new materials, to new ways of life.