Educan School for Dogs, Humans and Other Species / Eeestudio + Lys Villalba

01. Multi-species architecture. Eva, Carlos, two Belgian Malinois – Bicho and Bomba –, Harris the owl, five swift families, six kestrel families, and twenty sparrows, are all companion species. They live and learn together in this building, thirty kilometers west of Madrid. Sitting in amongst fields, in a rural environment transformed over recent decades by urban development and intensive pesticide-reliant agriculture, Educan School is trialing ways to recover the conditions of the ecosystem.

House S / Yonder – Architektur Und Design

With Haus S, a couple from Berlin wanted to realize their vision of a house that grows. Planned in the first step as a holiday home on a small budget, at a later stage it was to be expanded into a retirement residence. Under a roof that was conceived as a kind of extended raised hide with a fantastic view of the mountains, further floors were to be added gradually.

Truss House / Terra Capobianco + Galeria Arquitetos

The architectural firms Terra Capobianco and Galeria Arquitetos are responsible for the Casa Treliça (Truss House) project, a 464 m² building in the Alto de Pinheiros district, São Paulo. Through the rationality of the construction systems, the architecture sought to produce a large space totally integrated into the landscape around the 533.35 m² lot.

BD Houses / Esquissos - Arquitectura e Consultoria

In a different approach to the typical set of twin dwellings, the proposal presents three isolated houses that favor the connection with the private exterior spaces, with the intention of privacy that allows enjoying the outdoors comfortably.

Paqui's House / Mentrestant Arquitectura Cooperativa

Paqui´s House is located in La Pobla de Vallbona, a municipality in the Camp del Turía region, a territory closely linked to the countryside and agricultural work. The house is located in the historic medieval quarter of the town and it is estimated that the building may have belonged to the part of an old convent. In the 20th century, we find the current construction, a typical Valencian country house with the rooms of the house located on the ground floor and an attic on the upper floor used to store the harvest.

Renovation of the Jinping Lower Primary School / Atelier cnS

Longjiang Central Primary School (Jinping Campus) is located at the foot of Jinping Mountain, Longjiang, Foshan. It was rebuilt from the existing Jinping Middle School in order to meet the growing demands for high-quality education in the central urban area. After the renovation, the lower grade campus can accommodate 20 classes of grades one and two. The renovation takes the advantage of the site, extracting a series of natural elements from Liyugang Park in Jinping Mountain and bringing them back to the campus design. By integrating and interacting with the natural environment, a campus that learns in nature is formed. This "campus in the park" or the "park in the campus" builds a bridge for first and second-year students to transition from kindergarten to primary school.

Sauna Sazae / Kengo Kuma & Associates

The organic wooden sauna “SAZAE” is built at the center of the glamping facility “SANA MANE” near the small inlet of Naoshima.

Versus Installation / TITAN

The new installation designed by TITAN is inspired by the relationship between form and balance established by architect Mathurin Crucy, who designed both the square and the theater in the late 18th century. Featuring a roller skating rink, this temporary structure has been adapted to the irregularities of the ground and plays with its natural slope, giving the square a renewed sense of centrality, and opening it up to hours of fancy-free skating. Measuring 38m in diameter, the main structure is made of prefabricated white concrete, while the rink track is poured-in-place white concrete.

Upper Cloister in Aranya Golden Mountain / Atelier Deshaus

At the break of dawn I wandered in the ruins of an ancient temple,
On lofty trees of the woods the morning sun cast its rays.
Following a path amongst bamboos I came to a secluded place,
Hidden deep amidst lush flowery vegetation, it used to be a chamber for meditation.
Birds by nature took delight in mountain scenes,
In the pond, a mind cleansed by the waters a lucid reflection made.
Everything gave way to silence right there and then,
Save for the tolling of bells that resonates.
An Inscription for the Rear Meditation Chamber of a Mountain Temple in Ruins, by CHANG Jian [Tang Dynasty],

100JOA New Construction of a House Between Dividing Walls/ Vallribera Arquitectes

We are hired by a family from Mataró. We easily agree on a layout with the day-use area on the ground floor: parking for one car, bathroom, living room, and kitchen-dining room. Then the bedrooms are located on the first floor: the parents’ room with a bathroom and dressing room, the children’s rooms with access to a terrace, plus a multi-use area for study or play. The working area (or home office) and study are on the second floor, for the whole family, opening onto another large terrace. The factors that drove the design were the size of the plot and its surroundings. The typology is a row house with an ample width (5.25 m, specifically) but the plot is not very deep. This means that the backyard, normally one of the highest quality spaces in a house of this kind, is quite small. Plus, it opens onto the interior of the block, which is densely built. 

NANA Coffee Roasters Bangna / IDIN Architects

The concept of NANA Coffee Roasters, Bangna Branch is to create spaces that enhance the coffee-drinking experience where the coffee becomes the main center of attention. The architectural expression of the project was simplified, while the design is shifted to combine architectural spaces harmoniously with the landscape to create a lush atmosphere that draws the visitors away from the buzzing Bangna-Trad motorway, redirecting their focus onto the coffee.

Albert Park Office and Depot / Harrison and White + Archier

This is a project for the park – a true ‘Parks’ building. It fuses together office and depot functions for Parks Victoria in Albert Park, providing the best casework environment for staff and a welcoming experience for visitors. The building is a high amenity, low energy. The building presents excellence in sustainability, integrating building and landscape – greenery is used to shade, cool, and activate the building.

Su-pider House / UID Architects

The text was written by the project curator with reference to the architect's notes. Su-pider, is a striking and uniquely composed family residence in Fukuyama. It is mainly characterized by its covered spiderweb-shaped structure/roof that extends down from the top section of the supporting columns, creating a centripetal single-living space. This skeleton becomes the main layout, providing a large open plan for the residents.

The Weight of the Void / Miguel Ortego

The idea of the Eternal Recurrence is mysterious, and with it, Nietzsche perplexed the other philosophers. "To think that once everything has to be repeated as we have already experienced it, and that even that repetition must be repeated to infinity."

House of the Child / Parada Cantilo Estudio

This social project seeks to resolve the lack of a multipurpose space within a private, non-partisan, ecumenical, and non-profit NGO called "La Casa del Niño Encuentro". This NGO not only provides school, health, and educational support in general but also breakfast, snacks, and lunch to children between 3 and 12 years old.

Galeria House / BLOCO Arquitetos

Five large inverted beams structure the 12-meter-wide span of the roof of the central area of the house – the gallery – where most of the family’s collection of paintings is located. It is a meeting space that integrates several functions: living, dining, kitchen, balcony and garage.

MimMim Villa / On Architects Inc.

There are many places for accommodation along the coast from Busan to Pohang. Jinha Beach has long lost the prosperity of the past, and now fewer people visit it than the surrounding beaches. The project was to plan a small self-contained pool villa that would be no typical tourist destination but provide a new experience that people cannot experience in other neighboring beach resorts. It was thought that it would act as a small architectural device that could revitalize this aging beach scenery rather than destroy the natural scenery.