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Obra Luyaba / Barrionuevo Villanueva Arquitectos

We were presented with a commission for a single-family home in the Traslasierra area in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. A very particular place with pleasant views, steep topography, and a fair degree of urban isolation, where getting there requires taking some precautions and the notion of neighbor is not present. The value of the site is nature, which has the leading role as soon as the paved road is abandoned. The work becomes present between the winding of the road, the mountain topography, and the vegetation. And as these factors progressively allow it, it begins to be discovered.

Refuge / NWLND Rogiers Vandeputte

The Refuge is inserted in a landscaped garden of a single-family house deep in Flanders’ suburban landscape. After the existing house was rebuilt, the surrounding landscape was unkept resulting in a wild and untamed site. The house sits on a raised plinth, which elevates the ground floor from the wild context, giving a sense of monumentality to the existing villa in contrast to the surrounding green.

Forest House I / Natalie Dionne Architecture

The three-acre site, located in the Eastern Townships, is roughly 100 kilometers southeast of Montreal. Greatly valued by city dwellers for its natural beauty and relative proximity to urban life, the area has now become a choice spot for those willing and able to work from home. The clients, a professional couple, had long cherished the dream of building themselves a home in the heart of nature.

Breezeway House / David Boyle Architect

At the Breezeway House, refuge and prospect can be found in the garden between the pine trees and the figs. It offers a joyous and engaging destination for holidays by the beach, where shelter, shade and connection to the landscape are prioritised. Situated on a complicated subdivided block with trapezoidal boundaries, cross easements and significant cross-fall, the linear building form is stretched along the southern boundary allowing a series of gardens to buffer neighbouring buildings as well as moderate visibility of the house from the street.

Imagine Montessori School / Gradolí & Sanz

***The work we present is the first phase of the global project.This first phase is made up of 10 classrooms and kitchen spaces, facilities and storage spaces.The second phase will host the entrance and administration spaces, teachers and meeting rooms.***

An Villa / T.R.O.P : terrains + open space

Shaoxing is located in the south of the Yangtze River, known as Jiangnan, where one can get lost in the crossing alleys, bridges, canal network, and idyllic scenes appreciating its simplicity and leisure.

Tokyo Institute of Technology Hisao & Hiroko Taki Plaza / Kengo Kuma & Associates

Located at the entrance of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, we designed a “platform” to house student activity. To maintain a clear vista of the clocktower, a prominent landmark for the campus, most of the building sits underground. Above ground, the building takes on a lush mound-like form, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding landscape.

"Images Tell the Truth of the Author": Behind the Scenes with Pablo Casals Aguirre

In this episode of “Behind the Scenes”, where we showcase the work of visionary photographers and ask about their experiences beyond what is seen by the public, we present Pablo Casals Aguirre, an architect, professor, photographer, and filmmaker based in Santiago, Chile. Here, he shares his methodology, which he developed with references to cinema, and highlights his intentions of translating the best architectural works into imagery - be it still or in movement.

Jadgal Elementary School / Daaz Office

Project History - The project is a public call for the Construction of a school with a sustainable development approach by a non-governmental organization called Iran-e- Man, which has been working in the field of school construction for several years and on the other hand, the request of the people and youth of Seyedbar-Jadgal village (100 km from Chabahar) from this institution to build a school in their village. As a result, the architectural design team and project facilitators voluntarily began designing and supervising the project construction process. Initially, the team carried out architectural and social studies in the village and the region for several months. In a participatory way, the needs and shortcomings, potentials, and capacities of villages and indigenous peoples were identified, themed, and prioritized. 

House in Chancelaria / co.rp arquitectos

The house appears in the village of chancelarias’ core – once the epicenter of the daily bustle, is now ceased by the silence of the lands of Alentejo and the restlessness of the swallows that lodge in the church. Times change but the memory remains in the intrinsic characteristics of that humble life.

The Women’s House of Ouled Merzoug / Building Beyond Borders Hasselt University

Text by Hannah Van Breen. In Ouled Merzoug, a small earthen village near the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, a piece of land was offered by the community to the recently founded women’s association AFOM (Association des Femmes d’Ouled Merzoug). Within the postgraduate certificate Building Beyond Borders, organized by UHasselt SEE, the participants designed and built in close collaboration with local women and workers. The end result of this participatory process is a Women's House: a meeting, working and learning place in the centre of the village. A place where women can share their crafts with the community and visitors. In this project, the limits of the sustainable buildings were challenged by maximizing the use of local and regenerative materials and the confrontation between traditional and contemporary building techniques.

Wood Pavilion / LIN Architects

Are there any new architectural space prototypes that can be discussed? This is the starting point of this experimental project. This space experiment is located near the river in the tourist area of Jiangxin Island in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province. In this project, architects give up the consideration of functional elements and start to look for keywords that can define spatial elements in the environment.

AKA Patagonia Hotel / Pablo Larroulet

The Place: Encounter and contrast. Patagonia is one of the most important tourist destinations in Chile and the world, a geography that strikes you with its scale, untamed wilderness and the bond that’s generated between the visitor and the landscape.

Triplex in Paris / Bertina Minel Architecture

Located in the heart of Paris, this 235sqm apartment spread over three floors had not undergone any transformations in decades. At the request of the new owners, we were tasked with rethinking and restructuring the entire triplex. Our first concern was to completely review the distribution of spaces and their organizations in order to adapt them to the needs of new owners. At first, all the existing partitions were demolished: The objective was then to preserve and enhance the light that had become through after demolition.

Shanghai Yangpu Riverfront Power Station Auxiliary East Building / Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects

Overall Planning and Orientation. The overall location of the project is east of the Shanghai Yangpu bridge, which belongs to the south part of the Yangpu Riverfront. This area was originally called "Yangshupu Industrial Belt"——an industrial agglomeration area south of Yangshupu Road, adjacent to Huangpu River, starting from Qinhuangdao Road in the west and ending at Liping Road in the east. From west to east, it spans six historic factories, namely, Power Station Auxiliary West Building, National Cotton No. 9 Factory, Power Station Auxiliary East Building, Shanghai Soap Factory, Yangshupu Coal yard, and Gasworks. It covers an area of about 150,000 square meters and has about 1.2 kilometers of waterfront. As the birthplace of modern industry in Shanghai, the industrial zone along the riverside stretches for tens of miles and has the characteristics of early time, multiple types, wide distribution, and large scale. The public space takes the dense industrial factory area (300-500m section) as the design node, reflecting the demand for spatial diversity.

Yulin Alley / Nhoow Architects

Yulin Alley is initiated by the Yulin East Road Community and Disabled Persons Federation of Wuhou District and is planned, designed, and operated by Nhoow architects. It's a community center that is trying to create an environment of freedom and equality that suits all. More people with disabilities will be encouraged to come and take part in our activities and more people can do more exploration attempts. We truly hope that everyone in Yulin Alley can get a little more than they expect and enjoy a good moment of life.

Cobogó House / CHX Arquitetos

Located on an urban lot within a consolidated neighborhood in the central region of the city of São Carlos, in the interior of the State of São Paulo, the project for this residence opts for a volumetric configuration facing the interior of the lot, with the intention of guaranteeing maximum privacy to the residents. The landscaping was designed at the same time and plays a fundamental role in shaping spaces, composing backgrounds and controlling temperature and solar incidence.