Wild Lilac House / Walker Workshop

03:00 - 9 August, 2019
Wild Lilac House / Walker Workshop, © Joe Fletcher
© Joe Fletcher

This 3,200 sf single-family residence and accompanying 800 sf pool house were envisioned as a refuge cradled within the foothills of the San Bernardino National Forest. The design uses a series of thickened walls which run east-west along the topography of the dramatic mountain site to establish discrete programmatic zones and protect the interiors from the sun. Each resulting zone affirms its connection to the surrounding hillside, extending to outdoor living areas and into the landscape beyond, while the thickened walls demarcate successively more private areas of the house.

Split House / Pitsou Kedem Architects

07:45 - 26 July, 2019
Split House / Pitsou Kedem Architects, © Amit Geron
© Amit Geron

The sunken yard – usually meant to allow light into a basement floor and mostly placed at the fringes of the plot – is this house’s central motif. Measuring 25m long, 5m wide and almost 7m high, it sits in the heart of the structure and divides the house into three sections: one with the private bedroom facing the street; one with the living room and master bedroom facing the backyard; and between them, a section with the internal double-level yard that extends the entire length of the building.

Open More Doors: Groupwork + Amin Taha

04:30 - 26 July, 2019
Open More Doors: Groupwork + Amin Taha

Open More Doors is a section by ArchDaily and the MINI Clubman that takes you behind the scenes of the world’s most innovative offices through exciting video interviews and an exclusive photo gallery featuring each studio’s workspace.

The Deformed Roof House of Furano / Yoshichika Takagi + associates

07:45 - 25 July, 2019
The Deformed Roof House of Furano / Yoshichika Takagi + associates, © Ikuya Sasaki
© Ikuya Sasaki

This plan is to renovate a house, built in 1974, into a two-family house. Its’ current figure is a result of going through extensions and reconstructions twice. Housings such as these which are called “Deformed Roof” houses, can be seen often in Hokkaido, but is difficult to call them beautiful, and cannot be seen out of Hokkaido. It could be said as a vernacular and anonymous kind of design.

The Catenary and the Arc Installation / Manuel Bouzas + Santiago del Aguila

07:45 - 24 July, 2019
The Catenary and the Arc Installation / Manuel Bouzas + Santiago del Aguila, © Antonio Bouzas Barcala
© Antonio Bouzas Barcala

Insòlit 2019 is a festival of temporary installations that opened the doors of Palma's courtyards to creativity during the first week of July. The project, curated by Aina Bigorra, Erik Herrera and Pep Rovira, wants to promote and show in an active and participative way the heritage value of the Balearic Islands, through temporary creative actions.

Studio in Arzignano / Amaa

01:00 - 24 July, 2019
Studio in Arzignano / Amaa, © Simone Bossi
© Simone Bossi

Architecture is the result of a complex phase, such as the project. It is not a unique and linear process but it is based on the continuous review of multiple options available always keeping a critical attitude. This is a peculiar practice manner based on the primary role of the IDEA in the process. The act of DOING is also fundamental and researches a balance between the three steps of working on architecture: theory, order and the final outcome. Each one keeps the essence of the original idea and gradually becomes more precise and developed until the project reaches the realization. Theory is a synthesis in the making of the background made of models, references, words and other contributions coming from other disciplines, all weaved together.

Chalet Samöens / Joachim Fritschy

12:00 - 23 July, 2019
Chalet Samöens / Joachim Fritschy, © Ramsus Norlander
© Ramsus Norlander

The question of adapting traditional mountain constructions to the wishes of owners who wish to rehabilitate them into holiday homes poses an often difficult equation between conservation and the modification of the use. The cottages were built in 1956, had characteristic interior typologies to the cottages of the Giffre Valley.

Redevelopment of MaoGong Barn Art Center / Approach Architecture Studio

23:00 - 21 July, 2019
Redevelopment of MaoGong Barn Art Center / Approach Architecture Studio, © Rui Zhu
© Rui Zhu

In 2016, Maogong government and Dimen Eco-Museum decided to convert an old vacant barn into an Art Center for local communities as a new culture carrier. Approach Architecture Studio turned this redevelopment commission into a pivotal project of Maogong revitalization plan.

Miner Road House / Faulkner Architects

06:00 - 18 July, 2019
Miner Road House / Faulkner Architects, © Joe Fletcher
© Joe Fletcher

The clients are a couple of environmental scientists who, along with their two sons, relocated from the Oakland Hills to the warmer climate of Orinda. Their commitment to sustainability, including a request for net-zero energy performance annually, was evident in their thinking throughout the design process. A three-bedroom program began as a remodel of a 1954 ranch house at the foot of a hill next to a seasonal creek.

Lake House Harmonizes the Architecture with Scenic Surrounding

04:00 - 13 July, 2019
Lake House Harmonizes the Architecture with Scenic Surrounding, © Wafai Architecture
© Wafai Architecture

Although small residential projects tend to be limited in spatial capacity, the design possibilities remain endless, especially if the project’s site is the biggest source of inspiration.

House in Kyoto / 07BEACH

00:00 - 12 July, 2019
House in Kyoto / 07BEACH, © Yosuke Ohtake
© Yosuke Ohtake

The house is for a couple and their three little children, located in a quiet residential area in northern Kyoto city. The site environment is where neighbor houses are standing at the edge of the east, west, south boundary, and houses are lined on the other side of the north narrow road.

Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA / Simone Micheli

03:00 - 10 July, 2019
Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA / Simone Micheli, © Jürgen Eheim
© Jürgen Eheim

The story of "Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA" begins with a drop, simple and pure figure that with its incessant fall shapes the material, shapes the spaces, the furnishings, the structure.

Juun.J Flagship Store / WGNB

01:00 - 9 July, 2019
Juun.J Flagship Store / WGNB, © Yongjoon Choi
© Yongjoon Choi

It’s the first flagship store of the fashion brand of Juun.J. It’s divided into two floors; the first floor comprising cafe and women’s wear, while the second floor men’s wear. We used natural elements such as light and shadow in order to express darkness within space using black – identity color of Juun.J brand.

No Sunrise No Sunset Pavilion / Walllasia

03:00 - 8 July, 2019
No Sunrise No Sunset Pavilion / Walllasia, © Spaceshift Studio/ Pirak Anurakyawachon
© Spaceshift Studio/ Pirak Anurakyawachon

Yai Sa is the symbol of love and awaiting. She has been waiting for someone she loves who has been leaving her to search for the ultimate truth and promise her, he will return to her when he finds it. Everyday, she stands at this same point waiting for him.

Sala Beckett / Flores & Prats

15:00 - 7 July, 2019
Sala Beckett / Flores & Prats, © Adrià Goula
© Adrià Goula

The project occupies the former social club "Pau i Justícia", deeply rooted in the memory of the neighbourhood Poblenou, a space where long ago neighbours had celebrated marriages, first communions and parties, which was abandoned for many years. Now its doors open again and these neighbours must recognize the spaces in their memories at the same time that the building has been adapted to the new program: a theatre and a dramaturgy school, a place to celebrate the theatrical creation.


00:00 - 4 July, 2019
ANNSO Hill Hotel / STUDIO QI, harmony of building and the forest. Image © Weiqi Jin
harmony of building and the forest. Image © Weiqi Jin

ANNSO HILL, located in Heshun Ancient Town of Yunnan, is situated in a narrow alleyway lined with B&Bs and storefronts. The site is composed with two characteristically different lot spaces forming an inverted“L”shape, which begins with a compressed street front zone on a steep slope, and ends on a long serene hillside aligned with beautiful tall trees.