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Learn about the Oldest Buildings in the Top 100 Cities of the US

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The stories of the buildings of the United States have been built by the undeniable culture that its inhabitants have been creating. That is why architecture is more than a physical object, it evokes moments that express the wishes of its inhabitants in different political and economic contexts. In all cases, these buildings represent the daily struggle that comes with a monumental legacy of those who lived there.

An Illustrated Tribute to the Most Threatened Buildings in the United States

The vast history of the United States involving migration, the great variety of climates and the mix of cultures, has built a very diverse urban and architectural landscape. Despite this, there is a large number of historic buildings that – unfortunately, as in many other countries – are in the state of decay due to poor maintenance, which attracts developers.

What Would 6 Cities of the United States be like if Frank Lloyd Wright or Robert Moses had Designed Them?

New York Pedrestian View. Image © NetCreditChicago Aereal View. Image © NetCreditLos Ángeles Aereal View. Image © NetCreditHouston Aereal View. Image © NetCredit+ 18

The United States of America has provided enormous opportunities to develop some of the most iconic buildings in the history of architecture, leaving the mark of important architects in urban, suburban, and rural areas around the country. However, ambitious ideas often come with a high price that cannot always be paid,  causing some of the most exciting building, bridge, and tower designs to never evolve past archived plans.