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The United States of America has provided enormous opportunities to develop some of the most iconic buildings in the history of architecture, leaving the mark of important architects in urban, suburban, and rural areas around the country. However, ambitious ideas often come with a high price that cannot always be paid,  causing some of the most exciting building, bridge, and tower designs to never evolve past archived plans. This inspired some researchers to question: how different would U.S. cities be if these projects were built? For this, NetCredit was given the task of reviewing historical archives to create an accurate representation of each unbuilt structure. They searched the archives of the Library of the Congress to uncover various urban developments that were never built in the United States. Once this list was made, their art director worked with architecture and CGI experts from Projection EC to produce the final images, which included three views of each structure to show the scale of the original plans. View more View full description
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