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Mola Structural Kit: The Latest Architecture and News

Mola Structural Kit 3 Launches on Kickstarter

Following the popularity of their first two structural modeling kits, today Mola Model launches their Kickstarter campaign for Mola Structural Kit 3. Mola3 introduces cable structures to the system of hands-on structural learning, integrating seamlessly with the previous two kits. Because the Mola kits are designed as a single modular system, the new kit can be combined with the previous two, all connected via magnets, to model iconic structures like the Sydney Harbor Bridge or London’s Stansted Airport with the help of the bilingual instruction booklet.

A Chance to Win Exclusive Mola Structural Kits with their Accessories

It is often difficult to detect structures' potential deformations and behaviors with the naked eye, which is why interactive education and model-making have proved to be some of the most beneficial methods of learning about structural design.

To help with the learning of structures in a more playful and intuitive way, Brazilian brand Mola, have developed Mola Structural Kits, a selection of interactive physical models that simulate the behavior of architectural structures and create countless design combinations.

Following the success of the Structural Kits 1 and 2, Mola will be launching the Mola Structural Kit 3 in a Kickstarter campaign in a couple of weeks, and to celebrate, the innovative company has once again teamed up with ArchDaily for another exclusive giveaway, offering 10 of our readers the chance to win a complete structural kit, along with additional accessories.

Courtesy of MolaCourtesy of MolaCourtesy of MolaStansted Airport by Foster + Partners assembled using Mola kit. Image Courtesy of Mola+ 7

Mola Structural Kit II: Another Way to Learn About Structures

Mola, creator of the Mola Structural Kit, is back at it with a second interactive structural kit aimed at changing the way people study and teach structures around the world. Mola sold over 4000 of their first kit across more than 50 countries in 2014, and now you can back the newest expansion on Brazilian crowdfunding website Catarse.

Courtesy of MolaCourtesy of MolaCourtesy of MolaCourtesy of Mola+ 7

Mola Structural Kit: A New Way to Learn About Structures

With the aim of visually demonstrating the behavior of architectural structures, the Mola model simulates real structures, allowing users to assemble, visualize and feel the structures themselves.

The idea for the interactive model began when Brazilian architect Márcio Sequeira de Oliveira was overseeing a postgraduate course and became concerned with the abstract approach given to topics related to structure.