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Have Sweet Bauhaus Dreams in BauhausLand

11:00 - 3 February, 2019
Have Sweet Bauhaus Dreams in BauhausLand, Bauhaus Museum Dessau. Image Courtesy of goBauhaus
Bauhaus Museum Dessau. Image Courtesy of goBauhaus

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the Bauhaus centennial and you’re also in need of a vacation, you can accomplish both this year by visiting BauhausLand. goBauhaus is ready to help you plan your next trip to the Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia regions of Germany, otherwise known as BauhausLand. The region that witnessed the beginnings of the Bauhaus movement is home to many buildings influenced by its revolutionary style. In celebration of the school’s centennial, goBauhaus has compiled a list of notable Bauhaus-y places where visitors can stay overnight to immerse themselves in the experience. So if you’ve always wanted to make an architectural pilgrimage to pay homage to Gropius and his pals, 2019 is the time!

See the list below and start planning your excursion!

Haus des Volkes, Probstzella. Image Courtesy of goBauhaus Weimar. Image Courtesy of goBauhaus Courtesy of goBauhaus Bauhaus University. Image Courtesy of goBauhaus + 9

EFH Haus Cracau / AI.STUDIO

00:00 - 3 February, 2012
EFH Haus Cracau / AI.STUDIO, Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of + 16

  • Architects

  • Location

    Magdeburg, Germany
  • Category

  • Architect

    AI.STUDIO - A r c h i t e k t e n + I n g e n i e u r e
  • Property Size

    1065.0 sqm
  • Client

  • Living space

    Living space
  • Enclosed space

    605.0 sqm
  • Project Year


Open Air Library / KARO Architekten

00:00 - 1 November, 2009
Open Air Library / KARO Architekten, © Anja Schlamann
© Anja Schlamann

© Anja Schlamann © Anja Schlamann © Anja Schlamann © Anja Schlamann + 17

  • Architects

    KARO Architecten / Antje Heuer, Stefan Rettich, Bert Hafermalz, Leipzig Architektur+Netzwerk, Sabine Eling-Saalmann, Magdeburg
  • Location

    Magdeburg, Germany
  • Category

  • Project Partners

    Bürgerverein Salbke, Fermersleben, Westerhüsen e.V.
  • Collaborators

    Christian Burkhardt, Gregor Schneider, Mandy Neuenfeld
  • Structural Engineer

    Michael Kurt, Leipzig
  • Light Conception

    Jürgen Meier, architektur&medien, Leipzig
  • Consultant

    Ruth Gierhake, Köln
  • Commissioner

    City of Magdeburg
  • Budget

    $325,000 Euro
  • Area

    488.0 m2
  • Project Year

  • Photographs