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Old Doors and Insulation Foil: 5 Projects that Derive from Russian Culture

© Archstoyanie
© Archstoyanie

Russia is an enigmatic country known for its sublime constructivism developed during Soviet times, its greatness and enormous scale. It comes as no shocker — architects, such as Ivan Leonidov and his student Leonid Pavlov, and artists like El Lissitzky, have definitely contributed to the history and image of a strong Russian personality.

Considering the prevalent poverty in Russia, the reason for the fixation on cheap construction is rather clear. However, even local leading architects find something attractive and beautiful in the suburban barns and flimsy dwellings. Creating authentic installations in the shape of houses or changing and enhancing the experience of existing structures with materials at hand, Russian artists and architects express the country's skill of turning the ruined and inhabitable into the lively and cozy.

APSS Crossing Temporary 2018 | Call for Participants

APSS is a summer school of architecture located in Boka Bay, Montenegro, For six years now it has been acting as a platform for architecture, urbanism, informal education with studies and research that has lead to more projects such as Montenegro Pavilion at Venice Biennale in 2104 and 2016 that has originated from APSS work. After our Re-Use series in APSS, we have continued our journey with the topic of TEMPORARY in architecture, this year extended to CROSSING TEMPORARY.

KOSMOS Creates 6 Speculative Public Space Interventions for Basel

Emerging international architecture office KOSMOS has unveiled 6 projects exploring potential collective spaces in the city of Basel, Switzerland. Unveiled during Art Basel, the speculative projects were featured in the Forum Basel exhibition curated alongside Museum Director Andreas Ruby and Stéphanie Savio, and emerging Chilean practice Plan Común. Held at the Swiss Architecture Museum (S AM), the architecture exhibition was held “in reaction to the increasing commodification of urban space today” and dedicated itself to investigating new possibilities for public space in Basel. Check out the projects, with descriptions from KOSMOS, below.

KOSMOS Architects Wins Competition for Landmark Nike Sports Park in Moscow

Global sportswear brand Nike, in collaboration with urban planning consultants Strelka KB, has announced the winners of the competition to design a new Nike sports facility in Gorky Park, located at the heart of Moscow. The competition asked five of Russia’s leading young architecture studios – KOSMOS Architects, Rhizome, Novoe, Crosby Studios and Xора – to envision a “unique architectural object” that seamless integrates into the surrounding park environment, creating a landmark hub for sport and physical activity for Russia.

Crosby Studios. Image Courtesy of NikeNovoe. Image Courtesy of NikeKhora. Image Courtesy of NikeRhizome. Image Courtesy of Nike+ 67

These Graphics Imagine Unrealized Architectural Plans as Beautiful Snowflakes

Much like snowflakes, the most beautiful architectural plans consist of complex relationships between geometries – and no two are exactly alike. In this spirit, KOSMOS Architects has created a series of planimetric graphics of some of the most notable architectural projects to have disappeared from our world in celebration of the New Year.