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Hospitals and Health Centers: 50 Floor Plan Examples

A floor plan is an interesting way to represent and approach the functional program of hospitals and health centers, where the complexity of the system implies the need for specific studies of the distribution and spatial organization for proper health care.

From our published projects, we have found numerous solutions and possibilities for health centers and hospitals depending on the site's specific needs.

Below, we have selected 50 on-site floor plan examples that can help you better understand how architects design hospitals and health care centers.

CAZA Announces First Combined Hospital and Trauma Center for Philippines

Brooklyn-based design studio, workshop and think tank CAZA (Carlos Arnaiz Architects) has announced its plans for Ospital Pacifica de Juan and Juana Angara, a hybrid hospital and trauma center prototype located in rural Baler, Philippines. As the first combined General Hospital and Trauma Care Center in the country, the project will drastically improve medical support in this remote area.

With a daily patient capacity of 75 people, the 6,120-square-meter space will feature a variety of medical services, including maternity wards, imaging, operating rooms, a chapel, and a café.

“The Hospital will also offer patients a therapeutic presence of nature, as the luscious exterior landscape of Baler permeates the facility through a series of undulating canopies that create an architectural figure in an open field of green" - described the architects in a media release.

Courtesy of CAZA Architects Courtesy of CAZA Architects Courtesy of CAZA Architects Courtesy of CAZA Architects + 10

Conference: Building the Future of Health

Can the built environment help us stay healthy for longer? Yes it can! How? Find out in the city of Groningen in June 2016 during international conference Building the Future of Health. This leading conference explores the ways in which the design and quality of the built environment can contribute to our health. 

Watch Now: Jacques Herzog Lecture Livestream

Jacques Herzog’s first lecture in Denmark will be livestreamed on April 28, from 11:30 – 1:30 EST, during which the Swiss architect will discuss the New North Zealand Hospital project. Herzog & de Meuron, along with Danish firm Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects, was selected to design the 124,000-square-meter facility during an international design competition last year. To be built near Hillerød, the hospital will be Herzog & de Meuron’s first project in Scandinavia. Learn more about the project and view the livestream of the lecture after the break.

4 Things Afghanistan Can Teach Us About Healthcare

Rendering by Cannon Design.
Rendering by Cannon Design.

A few months ago, Deborah Sheehan, a Principal and Healthcare Leader at Cannon Design, was given the task of designing a prototype healthcare facility in Afghanistan, a country averaging about one hospital bed for every 2,400 people.

The challenges that Sheehan and her colleagues faced were considerable: limited construction materials, few skilled tradesmen, political corruption, tribal rivalries. But the resultant design solutions were smart, low-cost, and high-quality – they had to be, after all.

To a certain extent, Sheehan was expecting her team to come up with an innovative design; what she didn’t consider, however, was how applicable the design strategies would be to our own troubled system. In her article for HealthCare Design, “Beautiful, Broken, and Broke,” Sheehan outlines the 4 things the Afghanistan healthcare system does well, frankly better than the American, and what we could gain by applying them here…

Read after the break to find out the 4 design strategies employed in Afghanistan that could help our Healthcare System…