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Call for Entries: Transform a Church in Ruins into a Concert Hall

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The third edition of the architecture competition Re-use Italy promotes the repurpose of a forgotten church in southern Italy, in Grottole, in the province of Matera. Facing the issue of the abandonment of small towns in Italy, the contest in partnership with, ArchDaily, KooZA/rch, Graphisoft, Wonder Grottole, with the official support of the Municipality of Grottole (Matera), Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali e per il turismo, FAI Basilicata, Matera Art Film Festiva, ANCI Basilicata, Associazione Borghi Autentici d’Italia, Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. della provincia di Matera, seeks to reuse the “Fallen-church” and transform the ruin into a Concert Hall.

Call for Entries: Transform a Church in Ruins into a Concert Hall - Image 1 of 4Call for Entries: Transform a Church in Ruins into a Concert Hall - Image 2 of 4Call for Entries: Transform a Church in Ruins into a Concert Hall - Image 3 of 4Call for Entries: Transform a Church in Ruins into a Concert Hall - Image 4 of 4Call for Entries: Transform a Church in Ruins into a Concert Hall - More Images+ 5

Roversi Design Award Seeks Fluidity in the New Industrial Age

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CODE - COmpetitions for DEsigners has launched the “Roversi Design Award”, a competition of ideas aiming to design spaces for people’s life, work and amusement in the industry 4.0 era of fluidity and dematerialization. A cash prize of €10,000 will be awarded to the winners, selected by an international jury panel including Frans van Vuure (UNStudio), Peter Pichler, Nicholas Bewick (AMDL Circle), Livia Tani (Ateliers Jean Nouvel), Marco Costanzi, and Massimo Iosa Ghini, among others.

Call for Ideas: Ghost Town Refuge

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YAC - Young Architects Competitions launches “Ghost Town Refuge”, a competition of ideas aiming to design contemporary refuges among the ruins of the ancient Craco in order to delight visitors with a sublime experience: living among ruins and falling asleep under the uncovered vaults of a ghost town. A cash prize of € 15,000 will be awarded to the winners selected by an outstanding jury panel comprised of David Chipperfield, Joao Carrilho da Graça, Ian Ritchie, Alberto Veiga, Benedetta Tagliabue (Miralles Tagliabue), among others.

Call for Entries: Eliminate Loneliness Through Design

***Registration Closes at 00:00 EST on April 8th, 2019***

Call for Entries: Utzon UNBUILT

Re-imagining Utzon’s unbuilt gems

Rem Koolhaas and Eurolab Call for Creative Ideas on How to Re-Brand the EU

OMA founder Rem Koolhaas has joined his colleague Stephan Petermann and artist Wolfgang Tillmans in calling for ideas on re-branding the European Union, at a time when the EU is experiencing increased pressure from the rising tide of far-right nationalism. Working with a group of artists, creatives, and communications experts from across Europe, the “Eurolab” team will present the outcomes of their initiative at the Forum on European Culture on June 3rd, 2018.

Eurolab argues that, although the EU is a project aimed at peace, cooperation, and solidarity, it has failed to present itself as a progressive, positive organization to European citizens. As support for nationalism and the far-right grows across Europe, Eurolab will embark on a 4-day fact-finding mission to investigate why the voices of European unity are been drowned out by the voices of European division. Going beyond the identification of issues surrounding disdain for the EU, Eurolab seeks to help re-brand the organization, asking “how can cooperation and solidarity be communicated to a large audience in a fresh and compelling way?”

Future Architecture Platform - CALL FOR IDEAS 2017

After a successful first cycle of activities in the initial year, Future Architecture platform launches a new call for ideas for all who wish to participate in the Future Architecture program cycle throughout Europe in 2017. The platform invites emerging creatives to apply with the ideas, visions and projects they consider important for the future of architecture. Applicants should articulate the relevance of their application to the future of architecture, whether as an architectural statement, a social practice, a business model, as new construction technique, as production of living space, or other subject, which the applicants consider to be inevitable or highly relevant to the debates on the future of architecture in Europe. All applications will be published on the website of the Future Architecture platform. By entering, each applicant is automatically added to the list of artists and professionals that may be invited to participate at exhibitions, conferences, lecture series, workshops and other events organized by the members of the platform.