20 Architecture Tips from 2021

We are starting to say goodbye to the year and after a review of all the contents developed, we find ourselves with a wide range of architectural advice that involves both interior and exterior spaces. Addressing issues from the domestic sphere to more technical and decisive questions, these are intended to serve as a guide and/or suggestions, rescuing those necessary considerations to take into account when planning our spaces, regardless of the use or the future they contemplate. 

From Wellbeing in Interiors to the Future of Cities: The Most Relevant Architecture Themes of 2021

If last year we concentrated all our efforts and attention on the climate crisis and how we will live together, this second year of the pandemic was a tremendous opportunity to continue with the reflection and deepening debate on the most urgent issues in architecture. Through calls, articles, interviews, debates and projects, ArchDaily's Monthly Topics of 2021 presented a response each month, rich in research and reflection about the most relevant issues - from interior wellbeing, green architecture, adaptive reuse, migration and equity, to rendering, automation in architecture, collective design and the future of cities.

Design Ethics: Rethinking Practice in 2021

Ethical practice spans all parts of architecture. From intersectionality and labor to the climate crisis, a designer must work with a range of conditions and contexts that inform the built environment and the process of its creation. Across cultures, policies and climates, architecture is as much functional and aesthetic as it is political, social, economic, and ecological. By addressing the ethics of practice, designers can reimagine the discipline's impact and who it serves. 

10 Interior Design Trends of 2021

As 2021 comes to an end, we look back at how this year introduced new normals and raised questions about what the future of the built environment could look like. In retrospect, not much has changed in regards to where people are spending most of their time. Following constant changes in commuting restrictions and the continuation of the pandemic, people acknowledged that most of their time will be spent indoors, so they adapted their living and working spaces accordingly.

The Best Interviews of 2021

From the content universe we made available in 2021, interviews are, without a doubt, among those in which we invested more time and research. Making room for the voice of architects and other professionals in the built environment is a great pleasure but also an enormous challenge, as it requires a lot of research and dedicated time from our team of editors. It is also rewarding as it puts us in contact with some of the most prominent talents in our discipline, who have been discussing issues such as cities, community, environment, democracy, sustainability, building technology and interiors.