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Center for the Japanese Culture / Álvaro Bohórquez Rivero + Maribel Moreno Cantillo

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Santiago Pradilla: "Most of What I Learned in University Doesn't Apply to Rural Housing Design"

Colombian artist and architect Santiago Pradilla captured my interest through his many passionate pursuits—he has dedicated as much of his life to traveling to and working within small, rural communities and as he has to producing architecture that tells the rich history of Colombian cities.

We discussed the relationship between academia, auto-construction, and rural living as well as the exploration of other artistic disciplines. We even breached the topic of the importance of heritage and projections about the direction of Colombian architecture.

Snøhetta, Marcio Kogan and Juan Herreros in ArchDaily Instagram Live Interviews

In times of quarantine, architects and designers are settling into a new remote working environment. In this process of implementing platforms and workflows to work from home, the risk of social isolation remains real, even for companies used to this environment, such as ArchDaily. As David Basulto, CEO of ArchDaily, wrote last week, the quarantine implies not just working online, but "staying connected and support each other."

Residential Passages in Barrio las Cruces / El Taller de (S)

© El Taller de (S)
© El Taller de (S)

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Santa Fé, Colombia
  • Architects: El Taller de (S)
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2018
  • Manufacturers Brands with products used in this architecture project
    Manufacturers: Kreato

15 Colombian Projects Pushing the Brick Envelope

The greats of twentieth-century Colombian architecture were regarded for their genuine interest in brick. To this day, many of Colombia's iconic neighborhoods are filled with brick buildings. 

Below, a selection of stunning Colombian brick projects —available in this My ArchDaily public folder as well.

Casa Llano Grande / Yemail Arquitectura. Image © Santiago PinyolCasa La Serena / Sebastián Gaviria Gómez. Image © OLMO FotografíaEdificio Primaria Colegio Anglo Colombiano / Daniel Bonilla Arquitectos. Image © Rodrigo DávilaEscuela de Música Yotoco / Espacio Colectivo Arquitectos. Image © Santiago Robayo+ 16

Ágora-Bogotá / Estudio Herreros + Bermúdez Arquitectos

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