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Facade Panel - Dekton® | Cosentino
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Facade Panel - Dekton® | Cosentino

  • Use

    Facades, ventilated facades, fixed facades, cladding on EIFS systems, facades of industrialized systems, curtain wall, facade accessories
  • Applications

    External, internal
  • Characteristics

    Minimal porosity, maximum resistance, no expansion, large format and dimensional stability, resistance to sunlight (UV) rays, stain-resistant, durable, ice and thaw-resistant, fireproof material
  • Sizes

    3200 x 1440 mm | thickness: 20 /12 / 8 and 4 mm,
  • Certification

    Carbon Neutral certification. Fire reaction A2 s1 d0 (according to EN 13501),

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More about this product

Dekton®, is an ultra-compact material from Cosentino, it is manufactured using a 25,000-ton press (>450 kg/cm2) and a sintering process at around 1.200. C, with useful dimensions of 3200 x 1440 mm, thicknesses of 20 /12 / 8 and 4 mm, it has a safety mesh glued on the reverse to prevent loose fragments in the event of accidental slab breakage.

Dekton® has unique mechanical properties, such as minimal porosity, maximum resistance, no expansion, and virtually endless possibilities in terms of design. Together with its Carbon Neutral certification and its energy efficiency properties, it is the most complete surface available on the market. Dekton transforms your facade into functional art.

Features & Benefits:

  • Large format and dimensional stability
    • Dekton is available in 3,200 x 1,400mm slabs that do not expand with temperature changes.
    • It allows you to create facades with minimal joints that provide a unique look.
  • Resistant to sunlight (UV) rays
    • Color variation after 5000 hrs in a Xenon light chamber: <1 (invisible to the human eye)
    • Choose the design and color you want for your facade. It remains unchanged over time.
  • Stain-resistant
    • Dekton is a non-porous material and is resistant to stains or graffiti.
    • Your facade can be easily cleaned and withstands damage in urban environments.
  • It optimizes energy efficiency
    • Ultra-compact and lightweight, Dekton helps create facades that keep the building warm.
    • Dekton helps you to achieve energy efficiency and get Leed or Breeam credits.
  • Design
    • Lightness and resistance
    • Cut to size
    • Fully customized
    • Large format and dimensional stability
  • Durability
    • Resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays
    • Reduced water absorption
    • Ice and thaw-resistant
    • Fireproof material
    • Maintenance
    • Stain-resistant
    • Abrasion-resistant
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Non-porous material
  • Sustainability
    • Environmental Product Declaration
    • Carbon Neutral certified
    • It provides energy efficiency
    • 100% renewable energy

Technical Specification:

Density 2.52 Å} 4 % g/cm3
Average bending strength ≥ 45 N/mm2
Modulus of elasticity 84,000 N/mm 2
Linear thermal expansion 5.9 x 10 -6 .C -1
Water absorption 0.1%. (Bla Group)
Porosity 0.2%. 0.2%.
Maximum expansion 0.1 mm/m.
Thermal conductivity 0.483 W/m .K

Reaction to fire

A1/A2 s1 d0 (with mesh)

EN 13501-1 2018 and NFPA/

IBC class A ASTM E 84.

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