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Thin Bricks - Waterstruck Vascu | Feldhaus Klinker
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Thin Bricks - Waterstruck Vascu | Feldhaus Klinker

  • Use

    Exterior/interior brickwork
  • Applications

    Residential, commercial, industrial, cultural
  • Characteristics

    Frost-resistant, environmentally friendly, water absorption reduced, color-fast, weather-resistant, fire-resistant, suitable for ETICS, conforming to standards
  • Format

    NF size: 240 x 71 mm / DF size: 240 x 52 mm / LDF size: 290 x 52 mm / XLDF size: 365 x 52 mm / WDF size: 215 x 65 mm
  • Sizes

    Thickness: between 9 and 25 mm

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Feldhaus Klinker

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With a unique manufacturing process, thin bricks are equipped with the physical properties of facing bricks and are indistinguishable from traditional masonry. Available in more than 2500 variations these bricks are flexible, economic, and well-balanced.

Feldhaus Klinker thin bricks are made of natural fired clay and have the same positive physical characteristics as classic facing bricks: they have a low water absorption and are color and frost resistant. Feldhaus thin bricks require no subsequent maintenance, protect a building from wind and weather and also increase the value of a property in the long term.

Waterstruck - Vascu

Feldhaus Klinker has transferred the old craftsmanship of brick manufacture to the manufacture of thin bricks. Feldhaus Klinker is the first manufacturer in the world to produce high-quality thin bricks mechanically with this look, allowing them to be used in modern external thermal insulation composite systems. The surface of the Vascu thin bricks is less structured with rough edges that underline the classic character of the brick. Many kinds of bricks are additionally treated with coal and clay powder before firing to produce different ranges of colors. This allows the development of original color variations with vibrant surfaces that give each façade a timeless and, modern look.





Thin bricks – as well as facing bricks – are heavy-clay products formed from natural raw materials and fired at temperatures of around 1150 °C. Feldhaus thin bricks are directly extruded in the appropriate thickness during production rather than cut to size after firing, this is resource-efficient and underlines the environmental friendliness of this building material.

Visually, a façade made of thin bricks resembles traditional masonry and offers the same variety and flexibility of facing bricks. However, thin bricks have a maximum thickness of only 25 mm which leads to many benefits.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Due to the low weight thin bricks can be applied almost anywhere.
  • The overall reduction in wall thickness results in an increase in usable space while maintaining the same insulation values.
  • When renovating neither foundation structures nor roof extensions are required.

Due to their various colors, sizes, and surfaces, thin bricks and corners combined with an external thermal insulation system represent high-quality and durable protection of a building.

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Feldhaus Klinker

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Feldhaus Klinker

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