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Construction Solutions for Modular Building | Sika

  • Use

    Waterproofing, roofing, flooring, concrete, sealing, bonding, fire protection, and protective coatings
  • Applications

    Commercial, retail, education, healthcare, or residential
  • Characteristics

    Wide product range, solutions for a variety of applications, technical support, improved quality control, reduced waste,
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More about this product

Modular building a.k.a. offsite construction involves completing typically over 80% of the construction off-site and then transporting the component parts (modules) to the site for assembly. This construction method can address certain local challenges such as labor shortages and local construction regulations. Sika provides one of the widest product ranges for modular construction solutions.

Exterior Applications

Sika provides high-performance solutions for exterior modular building components. These solutions can be employed in anything from small-scale residential buildings to large-scale high-rise modular buildings.

Interior Applications

For offsite or modular interior applications, Sika provides systems for everything from kitchens and living rooms to offices and multi-purpose areas.

Modular Bathroom Pods

Using modular bathroom pods reduces coordination issues associated with the multitude of trades needed for on-site construction and contributes to waste savings, reduced construction times, and improved performance.

Sika solutions for bathroom pods and wet rooms includes shipping and offshore constructions with IMO qualified solutions.

Technical Support

Sika technical support goes beyond material supply. It can assist with the development, testing, and design, through to implementation support and process optimization in modular buildings. The experience of Sika in manufacturing applications is a particular benefit, and Sika is the global technology leader in specialty chemicals for building and construction. Sika can help optimize, improve, and streamline offsite construction projects in a variety of ways.

  • Provide products and system solutions from the basement to the roof
  • Increase automation for a reduction in labor costs
  • Help with fast production time to reduce cycles and increase outputs
  • Ensure safe, secure buildings with fire protection systems
  • Improve structural integrity and reduce weight by use of adhesives
  • Supply acoustic solutions to aid noise reduction and improve comfort
  • Give expert specification support, combining industry know-how with construction products

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