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Construction Solutions for Bridges Construction Solutions for Bridges Construction Solutions for Bridges Construction Solutions for Bridges Construction Solutions for Bridges Construction Solutions for Bridges Construction Solutions for Bridges Construction Solutions for Bridges Construction Solutions for Bridges Construction Solutions for Bridges
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    Technical advice and assistance, concrete technology, protection and repair, structural strengthening, waterproofing, joint sealing, structural bonding
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Bridges are situated in a huge range of topographies, ground conditions, or around existing structures, often in challenging environments. Modern reinforced concrete or steel bridges are expected to have a service lifespan of over 100 years, yet most are already in urgent need of substantial repair and refurbishment. Sika provides a complete range of systems and products designed to solve challenging requirements in bridge projects anywhere in the world.

Systems Plus Knowhow

Sika offers full support, technical advice, and assistance throughout the process of repair and refurbishment of bridges. For new construction, Sika can offer design support for long service life.

Concrete Technology

Concrete bridges are exposed to a broad range of forces and strains. A highly durable concrete mix is necessary for the construction or repair of a bridge. Sika offers the most complete range of admixture technologies and products for the efficient replacement of highly durable concrete.

  • Highly Durable Concrete
  • High Early Strength Concrete
  • Self Compacting Concrete
  • Secure Bond of New to Existing Concrete

Concrete Repair

Repairing damaged concrete is a primary requirement in maintaining concrete bridges, and is also the basic requirement for any additional waterproofing, protection, or strengthening systems. Sika provides an extensive range of repair materials and systems based on different technologies for any situation. These include bonding and corrosion protection primers, hand and machine applied repair mortars, suitable for the vertical and overhead application, semi-fluid mortars for efficient bridge deck repairs, plus combined surface leveling and protection mortars, not requiring additional protective treatments (EpoCem®-technology).

  • Horizontal Repair Work
  • Vertical Repair Work
  • Overhead Repair Work
  • Testing Product Application under Dynamic Load

Structural Strengthening

Steel corrosion leads to reduced capacity and means that any increase in traffic load required, or if the structural design or seismic resistance needs improvement, then reinforced concrete bridges must be strengthened. Sika has long been involved in structural strengthening using bonded steel plates and is a pioneer in the development of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) based structural strengthening systems.


Bridges tend to be subject to the harshest weather conditions. To maintain lifetime durability, special attention should be given to the waterproofing and protection of exposed elements and critical areas such as the bridge deck itself, to prevent serious damage to the concrete and structural reinforcement.

  • Waterproofing
  • Bridge Deck Protection
  • Bonding Asphalt Overlays
  • Lightweight Wearing Surfaces
  • Structural and Non-structural Cracks

Joint Sealing

Bridges have many complex joints that need waterproofing which significantly impacts the life expectancy of the structure. These joints are exposed to thermal movement, constant vibrations, extreme weathering, the mechanical impact from the traffic, and chemical impact from spillage or de-icing. The sealants must reliably prevent water from entering the structure and causing decay of concrete and steel components through corrosion.

  • Joint Sealing Solutions
  • Elastic Joint Sealing
  • Joint Sealing for Connection Joints and Movement Joints
  • Joint Sealing for Saw Cut and Expansion Joints in Pavement
  • Bridge Expansion Joint System (BEJS)

Concrete Protection

To improve the performance and durability of reinforced concrete surfaces on bridge structures, additional protection systems are frequently required including hydrophobic impregnations, sealing impregnations, surface coatings, or corrosion inhibitors. Sika provides a wide range of concrete protection systems that fully comply with various standards and regulations.

Grouting and Fixing

Remedial works on concrete bridge structures include void filling, fixing and sealing or bedding, and grouting with free-flowing materials. Typical examples are concrete repairs using formwork, high precision grouting under bridge bearing plates, or cable duct grouting. Additionally flowable resin and cement grouts are used to fix manholes or other steel frames and equipment, where rapid hardening materials are usually required to reduce closure times. Sika's grout and fixing rane include cement, epoxy, polyurethane, and PMMA technology. Sika also provides special products for high precision applications such as bearing plates, rail tracks, and duct sealing.

  • Structural Grouting
  • Fixing of Road Components
  • Rail Tracks

Steel Corrosion Protection

Structural steel is widely used in bridge construction and bridge components including the superstructure, parapet railings, decks, and cables. Corrosion protection is essential to increase durability and sustainability. Chlorides and condensed water can accelerate the steel corrosion process and must be kept away from the steel surfaces. Sika steel protection systems are based on the latest technologies and long-term experience with steel coatings. Sika protective coating systems are designed to be selected per international standard EN ISO 12944, assuring service life to the first maintenance and sustainability.

  • Shop Application
  • Maintaining Existing Coatings
  • Protecting Steel Bridge Cables
  • Protecting Gravel Beds of Rail Bridges

Structural Bonding

Structural adhesives are useful in both new construction and refurbishment. The bond must allow the transfer of high loads without deformation and creep. Structural adhesives can sometimes be used to fulfill additional functions such as waterproofing, sealing, concrete protection, or vibration dampening. Sika’s epoxy adhesives have been used to bond segmental bridge structures all over the world and been developed to of a wide range of additional structural bonding products and systems for unique applications including a complete range of cartridge applied resin anchoring adhesives for many different applications.

  • Segmental Bridge Adhesive (SBA)
  • Structural Bonding of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC)
  • Rigid Structural Bonding
  • Chemical Anchoring
  • Steel Fixtures and Fittings

Wooden or Masonry Bridge Repair

Wooden or masonry bridges tend to be older structures suffering from decay due to a lack of deck waterproofing or other structural component failures. These bridges might no longer comply with modern traffic regulations and require structural strengthening. An invisible solution is often necessary to preserve the appearance of historical or iconic structures. Sika offers specialist waterproofing, masonry protection, and structural strengthening for these bridges including a full range of systems to prevent water ingress and to increase the structural capacity of these old structures.

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