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How to use Pre-Fabrication Solutions | Effisus
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How to use Pre-Fabrication Solutions | Effisus

  • Use

    Pre-fabricated sealing facade systems
  • Applications

    Exterior, ventilated facades, curtain walls, pre-fabricated facades, façade penetrations and interfaces
  • Characteristics

    Waterproof, UV resistant, vapor and air tight, minimizes condensation risk, improves air quality, customizable

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The façade construction industry has rearranged its work method as a result of the complexity of modern architectural projects. In order to secure the entire project’s functionality, durability, and stability, it is necessary to ensure accuracy within the design process to consistently deliver a unique façade aesthetic. Thus, Effisus offers a variety of prefabricated solutions which increase construction and energy efficiency, allowing even the most intricate projects to meet fixed budget/schedule deadlines.

Highly specific facade designs are often difficult to correctly construct on-site, and there are many external factors that prolong the process. Conditions such as the weather and difficult access conditions put at risk the final quality of the overall project. With Effisus pre-fab facade systems, the construction process works independently from such setbacks, making it more effective.

In order to prevent these delays, Effisus transfers most of the workmanship through the fabric. Effisus has a Technical Support Team that works directly with the clients and partners in conducting site visits, carrying out design specifications, detailing services, ensuring high-quality project delivery to avoid future problems.


Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab Systems

Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab Corners Effisus Pre-fab corners are a great supplement for a faster and error-free installation. Due to the difficult corner shapes and dimensions, window frame corners are often the hardest areas to seal in a facade connection. To prevent this, the Effisus Pre-fab Corners are custom-made to fit the needs of each project, making the application process faster and improving the system's overall sealing efficiency.
Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab Frames The Effisus Pre-fab Frames are a high-performing system for seamless facade-to-window connections. With the Effisus Pre-fab Frames, each frame is customized and prefabricated based on individual project needs. The Ecofacade Membrane ensures a time-saving, error-free, and long-lasting installation result.
Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab TrueSeal The Effisus Pre-fab TrueSeal system is ideal for rain screen cladding designs that require proper and efficient sealing. TrueSeal is a solution developed for distinct facade details, made of 3D vulcanized components. The Effisus Pre-fab True Seal is the result of Hi-Tech EPDM/TPE molding and vulcanization technology which delivers an innovative production methodology.

Prefabricated Applications

Case Study 1

Function: Sealing of steel post at façade coping

Solution: Effisus Ecoafacade Pre-fab TrueSeal (Sleeve) with open joint


Case Study 2

Function: Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab Corner

Solution: Sealing difficult shape on interfaces between glazing and precast panels


Case Study 3

Function: Effisus Pre-fab Cellular Rubber

Solution: Sealing joints of unitised panel


Case Study 4

Function: Effisus Ecofacade Pre-fab TrueSeal

Solution: Sealing structural façade perforations



EFFISUS is focused on delivering a personalized and user adapted product combined with a project-by-project approach. In each project, every detail is taken into consideration to drastically reduce the application time and human errors leveraging quality and efficiency. Some specific works are almost impossible to be correctly performed at site and there are many external factors that condition the work and hinder the process, which puts at risk the final quality of the whole project. To ask for a sample, assistance with a project specification, technical articles or, to be connected with a UK or UAE Commercial team, contact EFFISUS.

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