How To Benefit From Ceramic Tiles With Hytect Surface | AGROB BUCHTAL
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How To Benefit From Ceramic Tiles With Hytect Surface | AGROB BUCHTAL

  • Use

    Interior, exterior
  • Applications

    All interior and exterior applications where easy cleaning, hygiene and good air quality is important
  • Characteristics

    Effective against bacteria, Easy to clean, Cleans the air, Protects against dirt, Permanently burned into tile surface

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More about this product

Hytect – Added value for people, buildings and cities

Hytect is a surface coating that AGROB BUCHTAL applies to ceramic tiles, permanently burning it into the ceramic surface at high temperatures. When coated tiles come into contact with light, active oxygen is released via photocatalysis. This provides the effect against bacteria and mould. Furthermore, Hytect tiles neutralise pollutants in the air in an entirely natural manner. Being hydrophilic, it is hard for dirt or grease to gain a foothold. All of the beneficial properties of Hytect surface coating last for the entire life cycle of the tiles and can be used in a wide variety of areas.

How to Use

To gain the most from Hytect technology, apply the ceramic tiles where their different properties can be made use of:

  • Protect against bacteria

    The antibacterial effect of the surface kills bacteria, mould and germs. Oxygen is activated when Hytect interacts with light, which breaks down the microorganisms. This not only happens with bacteria, mould and algae indoors but also with algae and moss outside.

  • Reduce maintenance and cleaning chemicals

    A Hytect tile is easier to clean thanks to its hydrophilic surface. Dirt and limescale cannot gain a foothold. Instead of drops which pearl off ineffectively, water forms a fine film on the tile. Dirt particles are rinsed off and can be easily removed. This reduces both the effort involved in cleaning and the use of cleaning agents.

  • Improve indoor climate

    Hytect activates an air-purification process during which pollutants such as formaldehydes are neutralised. Tiles already represent a pleasant floor and wall covering as they do not emit any vapours. This has a positive impact in modern buildings in particular which are practically air-tight thanks to insulation.

  • Improve outdoor air quality

    Hytect facades neutralise pollutants such as NOx or formaldehyde over the entire life cycle of AGROB BUCHTAL ceramic tiles and actively ensure an improved outdoor air quality. A clean solution for cities and people.

Where to Use Hytect

Hytect surfaces are useful for any interior application where easy cleaning and a clean interior climate is required and any exterior that needs to present an attractive façade with minimal maintenance. There are however some applications which could especially use the properties of Hytect tiles to conform with regulations or protect from unwanted substances which easily accumulate in certain areas:

  • Pools & Spas
    Maximum cleanliness is expected in swimming pools. Hytect ceramic tiles work towards this goal in an environmentally-friendly manner. Dust, dirt or soap and cream residues are unable to gain a foothold on Hytect surfaces.
  • Showers at sports facilities or gyms
    As soon as Hytect surfaces come into contact with water, a fine film of water is formed on them. Dirt is simply infiltrated and easily wiped away – if it has not already been rinsed off while showering.
  • Healthcare
    Hygiene measures are of utmost importance in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and nursery schools. Hytect helps to comply with them using active oxygen to reliably destroy bacteria, viruses, germs and spores. This process is indetectable as it can't be seen or smelled yet still gives long-term support in surface disinfection in hospitals etc.
  • Inner City Management
    High nitrogen oxide emissions threaten to lead to driving bans in many German city centres, including Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart and many others with high population and traffic density. Building materials with photocatalytic surfaces in public spaces can help to significantly improve air quality. With the Hytect technology AGROB BUCHTAL has almost 20 years of experience in manufacturing ceramic coverings with photocatalytic surfaces.

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