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Patinated Copper: Nordic Green/Blue/Turquoise/Special | Aurubis
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Patinated Copper: Nordic Green/Blue/Turquoise/Special | Aurubis

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  • Use

    Copper surfaces
  • Applications

    Roofs and façades
  • Characteristics

    Custom finishes and forms available, instant patina created, natural patina can continue to form after installation, planning and installation support
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More about this product

Aurubis offers copper for roofs and façades treated with a variety of factory-applied surface treatments to create various stages of oxidation and patination. The surface finishes in the Nordic Copper range include varying intensities of brown oxidation and green or blue pre-patination. The Nordic Copper Special Patina is designed to match copper surfaces, particularly for historical buildings. Aurubis provides prefabricated systems for the material as well.

Nordic Green/Blue/Turquoise

These finishes are pre-patinated at the Aurubis mill to create the green/blue/turquoise patina that naturally develops over time with exposure to the environment. The pre-patination process encourages the continuing formation of a natural patina after installation, dependent on local atmospheric and rainfall conditions.

Nordic Copper Special Patina

Nordic Copper Special Patina is designed to help architects in renovation projects. Aurubis offers unique pre-patinated copper to match naturally patinated copper, especially for historical buildings. The Special Patina Tool allows for an easy and accurate matching process.

Nordic Green Nordic Green Nordic Green
Nordic Green Nordic Green Living 1 Nordic Green Living 2
Nordic Blue Nordic Blue Nordic Blue Nordic Blue
Nordic Blue Nordic Blue Living 1 Nordic Blue Living 2 Nordic Blue Living 3
Nordic Turquoise
Nordic Turquoise

Design Freedom

Varying intensities of patina flecks can be achieved by revealing parts of the dark-oxidized background material, enabling architects to determine the intensity and type of the green patina with choices of Nordic Green Living/Nordic Blue Living surface finishes.

Aurubis develops custom levels of patination according to design specifications or to match historically patinated copper on existing buildings through their Special Patina service.

Nordic Green surface finishes can be combined with each other and other surface finishes such as Nordic Royal or Nordic Bronze to achieve different visual impacts.

Technical Details

Thickness range 0.5-1.5 mm
Maximum width 1,000 mm
Delivery forms Sheet, coil

Production Process

Copper sheets and strips go through a carefully controlled pre-oxidization and pre-patination process to immediately provide the same brown oxidized and green or blue patinated surface that would develop naturally over. The pre-patination process encourages the natural patina to continue forming through environmental exposure, dependent on the local atmosphere and rainfall.

Custom-Made Surface Finishes and Forms

Aurubis regularly works with designers to explore custom-made copper surface finishes and forms. Custom options can include:

  • Imaging or text printing surfaces
  • Profiled sheets and pressed surfaces
  • Perforated or expanded copper sheets

Planning and Installation Support

Aurubis can achieve different architectural effects of texture and scale using different installation techniques and systems – ranging from traditional standing seam sheet installation to panels, cassettes, and other prefabricated systems.

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