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Rainscreen Cladding Facade Fasteners - Isolink® | Schöck
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Rainscreen Cladding Facade Fasteners - Isolink® | Schöck

  • Use

    Rainscreen cladding facades
  • Applications

  • Characteristics

    Glass-fiber composite design, low thermal conductivity, energy-efficient
  • Certification

    Certified Passive House Component, approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt)

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More about this product

Schöck group is a thermal break specialist for insulation. For rainscreen cladding façades, Schöck Isolink® are thermal bridge free fasteners for insulated and non-insulated substrate walls made of concrete or brick. These are made of a Combar® glass-fiber bar and a stainless-steel threaded end.

No Thermal Bridges

The requirements in the EnEV energy-saving regulations have resulted in an increased demand for products that minimize thermal bridges since thicker insulation increases their effects. In core-insulated rainscreen cladding facades, for example, thermal bridges are created by metal fastenings. The thermal insulation peformance of Schöck Isolink® type F-S is around 200 times better than that of aluminium wall brackets and around 15 times better than that of stainless-steel wall brackets. As a ‘Certified Passive House Component’, Schöck Isolink® with its glass fiber composite design guarantees dependable thermal separation.


The cylindrical bar can be easily anchored within a concrete or brick wall. The metric connection thread allows an anchor plate or substructure to be installed without frameworks or diagonals.

Cost Efficiency

The low thermal conductivity of Schöck Isolink® allows a significant reduction in the thickness of thermal insulation without affecting the U-value of the wall. In direct comparison to aluminum wall brackets, this results in savings of approximately 50% on insulating materials.

Fire Protection Properties

Schöck Isolink® for rainscreen cladding façades complies with the fire protection requirements for building classes 1–5 in accordance with German state building regulations.

Technical Approval

All Schöck Isolink® products have been tested and approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt).

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