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Metal Ceilings – Stretch Metal | Hunter Douglas Architectural (Europe)
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Metal Ceilings – Stretch Metal | Hunter Douglas Architectural (Europe)

  • Use

    Interior ceilings
  • Applications

    Corporate, transport, retail, leisure, public space, hospitality, healthcare, education, residential
  • Characteristics

    High level of acoustic absorption when combined with pads, transparent, allows access to the plenum, can be used with various systems, choice of mesh and color, available in different sizes tiles and planks
  • Sizes

    Width: up to 500mm | Length: up to 2800mm

More about this product

Stretch Metal Planks are a versatile material used to create striking visual effects in interior metal ceilings. Hunter Douglas Architectural offers a wide choice of shapes, shapes, metal types, and color options so that each metal ceiling project will have a unique appearance.

Luxalon® Stretch Metal planks are ideal for metal ceilings which require a high level of acoustic absorption or where visual and physical transparency of the ceiling is specified. The stretch metal ceiling systems are useful in environments where regular access into the plenum is required.


  • Can be used with different installation systems
  • Choice of mesh types
  • Strong acoustic performance when combined with acoustic pads
  • Easy access to the plenum and above ceiling installations
  • An impact-resistant version is available for sport hall applications


Luxalon® Stretch Metal planks are designed to be installed with different systems:

  • Lay-on corridor
  • Lay-on bandraster
  • Hook-on Z-profile
  • Hook-on Safety Loop

Luxalon® Stretch Metal planks can be used to enhance a modular design pattern. Stretch Metal planks and systems can also be adapted to suit specific project requirements.


Acoustic information

Using acoustic pads on top of Hunter Douglas Architectural Stretch Metal planks gives an exceptional acoustic performance. The pad thickness can be selected dependent on the required acoustic values. The acoustic absorption value can reach αw = 1 with an acoustic pad of 85 mm.

Stretch Metal Types


The standard mesh types are a square mesh (LS) or a diamond shaped mesh (LD) with a variation in openness of the mesh. The range starts with the smallest LS6/LD6 up to LS16. All mesh types are available in steel, with types LS8 and LS12 also available in aluminium.

LD6 (Fe) open area 40%, thickness 1.7 mm LS6 (Fe) open area 36%, thickness 1.7 mm LS8 (Fe+Al) open area 54%, thickness 1.9 mm
LD6 Stretch Metal | Hunter Douglas Architectural LS6 Stretch Metal | Hunter Douglas Architectural LS8 Stretch Metal | Hunter Douglas Architectural
LS10 (Fe) open area 57%, thickness 2.0 mm LS12 (Fe+Al) open area 66%, thickness 2.0 mm LS16 (Fe) open area 46%, thickness 2.0 mm
LS10 Stretch Metal | Hunter Douglas Architectural LS12 Stretch Metal | Hunter Douglas Architectural LS15 Stretch Metal | Hunter Douglas Architectural


Several other mesh types are available on request, depending on technical requirements and availability. Hexagonal mesh, Round mesh and Ornamental meshes are examples of the possibilities.

Macro Meshes Planks

ROTTERDAM: dimensions: 20 x 10 - 2.5 x 1.0 (1:2) MOSCOW: dimensions: 28 x 10 - 2 x 1.5 (1:2)
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DUBAI: dimensions: 62 x 23 - 8 x 1.5 (1:2) NEW YORK: dimensions: 85 x 35 - 11 x 2 (1:2)
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