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Aluminum Panels for Smart Ceilings | Metawell
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Aluminum Panels for Smart Ceilings | Metawell

  • Use

    Interior ceilings
  • Applications

    Corporate, educational, healthcare, public, sports
  • Characteristics

    Pleasant room acoustics, efficient heating and cooling, suitable for retrofitting, high load capacity, low maintenance

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More about this product

Metawell® aluminum panels are used to create smart ceilings, these are radiant acoustic ceilings that help to efficiently heat and cool rooms and create pleasant room acoustics. The ceilings can be function carriers for air conditioning, fresh air supply, room acoustics, and light control elements.


  • Economic efficiency
    • Heating and cooling with one system
    • Lower energy consumption, since the perceived room temperature can be set 1-2 °C lower
    • Fewer space requirements in the ceiling cavity and in the technical center, since water is a better energy source than air
    • Hardly any maintenance costs
    • The high performance allows a lower occupancy density
    • Fast and easy installation
    • Quick reaction time because of the excellent heat conductors aluminum and copper
    • Less sickness-related absenteeism
    • Improved performance of employees
  • Well-being
    • Radiation heats like the sun
    • No noise disturbance
    • No noticeable draft
    • No whirling up of bacteria and dust
    • Good room acoustics due to high sound absorption
    • Equal temperature level in the room
  • Architecture
    • Various contour and edge geometries
    • Different surfaces and coatings
    • Unlimited flexibility in planning, room design, and room layout
    • Easy installation of sprinklers, lamps, maintenance flaps
    • Thin ceiling construction thanks to a low construction height
    • Low weight
    • High load capacity with a sandwich structure
    • Unique flatness
    • Also suitable for retrofitting
    • Suitable for every floor plan

How Does a Radiant Ceiling Work?

Radiant Ceilings

A radiant ceiling is a suspended ceiling used to heat and cool a room by means of radiation. To heat, warm water flows through copper pipes on the backside of the panel. In the cooling phase, the Metawell® ceiling element absorbs the heat radiation causing the room temperature to drop.


  • Comfortable and Healthy
    Radiant ceilings fulfill important requirements on the room climate and promote comfort. Conventional air conditioning systems often do not provide a satisfactory solution because air is not an effective heat transfer medium. In addition, the draft required for cooling is not only felt as unpleasant, it also whirls up dust and germs.
  • Energy-efficient and cost-saving
    The operative room temperature felt by the employee can be set between 1 – 2 ° C lower than the room air temperature with pure air cooling, but with the same perceived comfort when using radiant ceilings. In building technology, heating is expected to save 6 % in energy costs per 1 ° C lowering the room air temperature.
    Metawell® radiant ceilings consist of two particularly good heat-conducting metals: aluminum and copper which react faster and give higher performances than steel or plasterboard systems.
  • Space Savings
    Radiant ceilings free us space otherwise saved for radiators or large-sized air ducts in the ceiling cavity. The converted building volume is therefore reduced with the same usable space.
  • Room acoustics
    Sound absorption in modern offices is almost always a problem with large windows and core-tempered buildings representing sound-hard surfaces. For relaxed communication, special attention must be paid to the room acoustics. Using perforated Metawell® radiant ceilings is ideal. If this is not possible, perforated acoustic ceiling elements without cooling and heating functions can also be retrofitted.
  • Integrated Lighting technology
    The high rigidity of Metawell® allows the statics to be weakened by large cutouts for recessed luminaires and high lamp weights, e.g. with pendant lights. For radiant ceiling sails using LED lights is possible as well. The small lighting can be positioned between the copper tubes, so the heating and cooling capacity is not reduced. The pendants can also be attached subsequently through the existing perforation.
  • Supply air
    By using radiant ceilings, a large part of the cooling load of the rooms is carried away by water. The supply air required for the room can be brought into the room at low temperatures, also to discharge cooling loads. The supply air outlet is concealed on the back of Metawell® radiant ceilings and ensures a horizontal airflow with a swirl effect.

Ceiling variants

  • Ceiling sails
  • Modular ceilings
  • Gapless ceilings

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