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Mineral Wood Stain - Lignosil®-Verano | KEIM
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Mineral Wood Stain - Lignosil®-Verano | KEIM

  • Use

    Silicate-based surface treatment that simulates a naturally beautiful, silver-grey patinised wood appearance from the first day
  • Applications

    Silicate greying glaze for non-dimensionally stable and limited dimensionally stable wooden building components outside; preferably used on saw-rough surfaces
  • Characteristics

    Excellent moisture protection, particularly low diffusion resistance, UV-stable and absolutely lightfast, extremely weather-resistant, unmatched longevity, stable velvet-matt appearance, easy to renovate, particularly economical
  • Colors

    Classic and metallic colour shades available

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More about this product

KEIM Lignosil®-Verano is a silicate greying glaze for non-dimensionally stable and limited dimensionally stable wooden building components outside. It simulates a greyed, patinated surface as it occurs on natural wood after years of weathering. KEIM Lignosil®-Verano is subject to a natural aging process and equalizes in this way the visual differences which can appear by uneven weathering of exposed and protected surfaces of uncoated wood.

Natural Finish or Coating?

Greyed wooden facades have a particular charm. But it may take decades until the wood shows an evenly grey patina like a mountain hut in the Alps. Untreated wooden facades change their color and texture under environmental influences. It is difficult to predict such changes because many factors influence the different facade surfaces of the building exposed to the weather in various ways. Wood type, direction, location, rainfall, air purity, and the constructional prerequisites decide on optical development.

A Question of Aesthetics

The attitude of architects and builders hereto is controversial like the phenomenon itself: Letting nature take its course or controlling the development with a coating. KEIM Lignosil®-Verano, a silicate-based finish, produces a naturally beautiful, silver-grey patinated wood appearance from the first application on. With a conscious decision to waive the protective function, a coating with KEIM Lignosil®-Verano changes over time more and more into natural greying. Repainting is not necessary. The result will be the desired look of an elegant, greyed wood façade without further maintenance efforts.


KEIM-Lignosil®-Verano is biocide- and solvent-free and guarantees a natural, mineral matt, color-stable appearance. The treated surfaces remain open to diffusion. Lignosil®-Verano is a particularly economical and sustainable system thanks to fast drying and very easy application.


  • Simulates a natural, greyed, patinated wood surface
  • Biocide-free
  • Colour-stable, lightfast
  • Matt, natural appearance
  • Good adhesion
  • Non-film forming
  • Open to diffusion
  • No blocking
  • Particularly economical
  • Very fast drying

Overview of KEIM Lignosil® system products

Products Effect
KEIM Lignosil®-Color First patented silicate paint for wood creating an opaque paint finish for exterior wood components.
KEIM Lignosil®-Verano Silicate greying glaze for controlled greying and in order to simulate a greyed, patinated surface as it occurs on natural wood after years of weathering.
KEIM Lignosil®-Inco Innovative silicate paint for wood and wood-composite materials indoors. It maintains the natural hygroscopic properties of the wood and thus ensures a natural and pleasant indoor climate.

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