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Photocatalytic Mineral Paint - Soldalit®-ME | KEIM
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Photocatalytic Mineral Paint - Soldalit®-ME | KEIM

  • Use

    Specialized, sol-silicate exterior paint with a photocatalytic action for organic, mineral and mixed substrates and on ETICS
  • Applications

    For exterior application on mineral and mixed substrates and on ETICS
  • Characteristics

    Improves air quality, principle of photocatalyses
  • Colors

    White, KEIM Palette Exclusiv and KEIM Avantgarde color swatches

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More about this product

KEIM Soldalit®-ME is a highly specialized, sol-silicate exterior paint with a photocatalytic action for organic, mineral and mixed substrates and on ETICS. Photocatalytically active, it reduces harmful gases (e.g. NOx, VOCs) and organic pollutants.

Photocatalytic effect

Facing the continuously growing traffic volume, clean breathing air becomes an ever more valuable commodity. But cities and communities struggle to achieve climate improvements. Up to now, traffic regulating measures have not really been successful.

Mineral facades can also work as a catalyst like ceramic in a catalytic converter. You only need KEIM Soldalit®-ME and light. This principle is called catalysis: A substance is stimulated by light to initiate a chemical reaction, without being consumed. This activates oxidation processes and organic substances and nitrogen oxides are decomposed. Thus, facades coated with KEIM Soldalit®-ME can promote the decomposition of air pollutants. Plus, the photocatalysis reduces the accumulation of spores.

Functional principle

Specific mineral pigments in KEIM Soldalit®-ME paint are responsible for this chemical process. To add those to common dispersion and silicone resin paints is difficult because their binding agent would become affected by entailing sanding and much-shortened longevity of the coating. KEIM Soldalit®-ME‘s photocatalytic effect was not only tested and proven in the laboratory but also through field trials.

Clean facades with an environmental benefit

This photocatalytic effect can also decompose algae and organic dirt - another advantage besides the already excellent dirt resistance of silicate surfaces. A small commitment to the environment and an extra reward.


  • Binder basis: a combination of silica sol and water glass (= sol-silicate)
  • Multi-purpose application
  • Photocatalytic action
  • Without the addition of biocides
  • Reduces toxic gases (e.g. NOx, VOCs) and organic pollutant
  • UV- and acid-resistant, anti-static
  • High weathering resistance
  • Alkaline, therefore no pot preservatives
  • Non-flammable
  • Lightfast pigmented
  • Mineral matt
  • Water vapor permeable, non-film-forming, microporous
  • Highly water-repellent
  • No solvents and plasticizers added
  • Prevents growth of mildew and algae thanks to ideal moisture balance

Overview of KEIM Soldalit® system products

Products Effect Technology
KEIM Soldalit® Universal use on any façade substrate (old or new) Sol silicate technology
KEIM Soldalit®-Coolit Less tension in the render structure by reducing solar heating Coolit-Technology
KEIM Soldalit®-Arte Particular color depth and aesthetics together with a vibrant surface appearance No titanium dioxide
KEIM Soldalit®-ME Reduces air pollutants, soiling, and growth of microorganisms Photocatalysis

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