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Waterproofing Solutions | Holcim

Waterproofing Solutions Waterproofing Solutions
  • Use

    Interior, outdoors
  • Applications

    Concrete surfaces, decks, walkways, garage floors
  • Characteristics

    Easy-to-apply, adaptable sustainable, specialized support, abrasion and chemical resistant, slip-resistant
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More about this product

Holcim is a manufacturer of innovative and sustainable building solutions operating in markets around the globe. Its goals are to decarbonize building, address climate change, drive a circular economy, and improve living standards. Holcim offers advanced waterproofing and protective coating solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, designed to protect buildings in the long term.


  • Support from industry experts
    Holcim’s dedicated teams are on hand to help customers select and install the right solutions for different needs and provide training
  • A comprehensive waterproofing offer
    Holcim’s coating solutions offer waterproofing and protective products that can be functional as well as highly decorative
  • Cost-efficient and time-efficient solutions
    Holcim offers multiple coating chemistries in both single and plural component systems with a variety of installation and performance efficiencies. Holcim solutions help cut down on labor requirements, thus reducing costs


Part of the Holcim brand portfolio, Gaco is an industry leader in decking, waterproofing, coating and spray foam insulation. A large portion of its offer focuses on concrete coatings, urethane-based solutions that can be used to coat a range of surfaces. GacoFlex LM60 polyurethane elastomeric membrane, one of Gaco’s flagship products, creates a seamless membrane for use in IRMA roofing systems, on between-slab, and below-grade structures.

Application in San Jose City Hall Water Feature

San Jose City Hall Water Feature
Location San Jose, CA, the United States
Year 2005
Type of Structure Outdoor Art
Contractor Alliance Roofing
GacoFlex LM60 Application

To waterproof the basin and supporting structures of the water sculpture, GacoFlex E5320 2-Part Epoxy Primer/Filler was spray-applied first to all surfaces and then GacoFlex LM60.

GacoFlex LM60 was installed to a thickness of 90 mils on horizontal surfaces and 60 mils on vertical surfaces to provide the most effective waterproofing membrane. Once GacoFlex LM60 was cured, the granite slabs and other decorative features were installed to complete the project.

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