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J. Mayer H. Fills Times Square With X-Shaped Lounge Chairs

12:30 - 7 September, 2016
J. Mayer H. Fills Times Square With X-Shaped Lounge Chairs, © Rob Kassabian @ RK Films,
© Rob Kassabian @ RK Films,

Adding to the ever-changing public landscape of Times Square, German artist and architect J. Mayer H. has unveiled XXX TIMES SQUARE WITH LOVE, three bright-pink, X-shaped custom lounge chairs that allow visitors to lie back and take in the cacophony of lights and sounds for which Times Square is famous. Originally inspired by the “X-like” intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue, the name also serves as a cheeky reference to the adult theaters and sex shops that once lined the square before its revitalization in the 1990s.

Collective–LOK’s "Heart of Hearts" Takes Shape in Times Square

12:00 - 11 February, 2016
Collective–LOK’s "Heart of Hearts" Takes Shape in Times Square, Courtesy of Justin Bettman for @TSqArts
Courtesy of Justin Bettman for @TSqArts

Collective–LOK's Heart of Hearts installation has officially opened in New York City's Times Square, just in time for Valentine's Day. Winner of this year's annual Times Square Valentine Heart Design, a competition curated by the Center for Architecture, the "faceted ring of 12 golden, mirrored hearts" will remain on view in Duffy Square through March 6. 

Collective-LOK Designs Mirrored, Ring of Hearts Pavilion for Times Square

16:00 - 17 November, 2015
Collective-LOK Designs Mirrored, Ring of Hearts Pavilion for Times Square, Courtesy of Collective–LOK
Courtesy of Collective–LOK

Collective-LOK’s design for a circular pavilion made up of giant mirrored hearts has been selected as the winner of the 2016 Times Square Valentine Heart installation. Their "Heart of Hearts" proposal features a faceted ring made up of nine mirrored, golden hearts that will “create an alternative pavilion that reflects and multiplies the pulsating activity of Times Square.” Spaces within each heart will form “kissing booths where couples will find their activities mirrored, allowing both privacy and publicity.”

Jan Gehl: "Civic Culture Needs Cultivating and Curating"

16:35 - 11 September, 2015
Jan Gehl: "Civic Culture Needs Cultivating and Curating", © Flickr CC User MK Feeney
© Flickr CC User MK Feeney

Danish architect and urban planning expert Jan Gehl has weighed in on New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's threat to remove Times Square as a"kneejerk reaction" to aggressive panhandling. Recounting beloved square's evolution, Gehl argues that public spaces need more than just to exist: "Civic culture needs cultivating and curating... Public spaces like Times Square are the great equalizer in cities: Improvements in the public realm benefit everyone. The city should view the challenge of Times Square’s pedestrian plaza not as a reason for retreat, but as a call to create a diverse, dense, intense experience of public life that we can all enjoy." Read Gehl's remarks, here.

New York City Mayor Threatens to Remove Times Square

14:46 - 26 August, 2015
New York City Mayor Threatens to Remove Times Square, Times Square in 2014. Image © Flickr CC User MK Feeney
Times Square in 2014. Image © Flickr CC User MK Feeney

Frustrated with the congestion of panhandlers, Mayor Bill de Blasio has shocked New York City dwellers by threatening to remove their beloved Times Square. As New York Times' architecture critic Michael Kimmelman reports, this comes at a time when dwellers fear that quality of life is declining in the city: "Entertaining the demolition of the plazas, the mayor sends a message that New York can’t support the sort of great pedestrian hubs that thrive in competing cities around the globe." Blasio said he will look into the "pros and cons" of returning Times Square to traffic. Read Kimmelman's full report on Blasio's threats, here

Snohetta Makes Times Square Permanently Pedestrian

00:00 - 9 January, 2014
Snohetta Makes Times Square Permanently Pedestrian, Courtesy of Snøhetta
Courtesy of Snøhetta

New York City's Times Square has concluded the first redevelopment phase of a permanent pedestrian plaza just in time for last week's New Year's Eve celebrations.

Snøhetta's $55 million redesign — bounded by Broadway and 7th Avenue between 42nd and 47th streets — creates an uninterrupted and cohesive surface, reinforcing the square's iconic role as an outdoor stage for entertainment, culture and urban life.

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Janette Sadik-Khan: NYC's Streets Are Not So Mean Anymore

00:00 - 15 October, 2013

Janette Sadik-Khan demonstrates how paint, lawn chairs and a bit of imagination can quickly transform city streets, creating immediate public and commercial vitality. Sadik-Khan, listed as one of Business Insider's "50 Women Who Are Changing the World," is responsible for re-purposing 26 acres of dense New York City car lanes into pedestrian-friendly space. "More people on foot is better for business," she says. Despite commanding a two billion dollar budget, her economical approach as commissioner of NYC's Department of Transportation are testaments to her design sensitivity, relying on rapid-testing and regular iteration to expand the city's public domain.

Times Square celebrates Valentine’s Day

12:30 - 9 February, 2010

With Valentines Day barely a week away, the Times Square Alliance is eschewing flowers and candy yet again. Instead, they’re sending New Yorkers a giant designer valentine for the second year in a row, as Moorhead & Moorhead will stage an installation adjacent the TKTS Booth beginning today.

Times Square celebrates Valentine's Day

12:30 - 14 February, 2009

A heart-shaped sculpture by Gage Clemenceau Architects will land on Times Square today. It will stay on Duffy Square until March 1st. The sculpture is constructed with DuPontTM Corian® strawberry ice and welded steel tubes. The heart is lit from within using color changing LED lighting.

For more information, go to Times Square website.

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