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Built Nostalgia: Why Some Are Lamenting the Death of the Mall

We have all visited places that linger with us long after we leave them, often drawing us back through the memories we made there. When recalling this memory of place, however, we rarely consider malls to be evocative of such powerful emotional connections. A recent article from The Huffington Post argues that these common shopping centers can incite some of the deepest nostalgia. "Why I'm Mourning The Death Of A Mall" delves into the connection between malls and their inherent qualities of independence, community, and growth, and encourages us to view them from a different perspective, as our increasingly technology-centric society may make the mall a thing of the past. Read the article, here.

Early Gehry Building Reimagined as a Whole Foods Store

One of Frank Gehry's earliest works, the former Rouse Company Headquarters, is currently undergoing a $25 million renovation that will see it converted into a Whole Foods market and community wellness center. The building, which Gehry dubbed an "elegant warehouse," was designed in 1974 for developer James Rouse, who founded Columbia, Maryland in the 1960s. The developer behind the current renovation is The Howard Hughes Corp, a Dallas based company that now serves as the master developer of Columbia.

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'Conflict and Convergence: Urban informality in Latin America' Symposium

Presented by the University of Maryland's School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, the 'Conflict and Convergence: Urban Informality in Latin America' Symposium aims to explore how recent experiences in cities such as Medellín, Bogotá, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Caracas, among others, can serve as examples for multidisciplinary models to urban and social revitalization in other parts of the world. Taking place October 4th at 5:00pm until October 5th at 10:00am, the event will bring together participants representing a wide spectrum of disciplines and seeks to generate a conversation between professionals and academics to analyze the goals, methods, achievements and opportunities in Latin America. For more information, please visit here.

John and Frances Angelos Law Center / Behnisch Architekten + Ayers Saint Gross

  • Architects: Behnisch Architekten, Ayers Saint Gross
  • Location: 1401 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD USA
  • Client: University of Baltimore
  • Gross Area: 18.0123 m2 / 194.000 sqft
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Behnisch Architekten

Courtesy of Behnisch Architekten Courtesy of Behnisch Architekten Courtesy of Behnisch Architekten Courtesy of Behnisch Architekten

The Johns Hopkins Hospital / Perkins+Will

Photo: Matt Wargo | Courtesy of Perkins+Will
Photo: Matt Wargo | Courtesy of Perkins+Will

The new facility designed by Perkins+Will for the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland approaches the design as a total experience of healing that includes architecture and urban design.  The project proposes to redefine the hospital experience with The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center and the Sheikh Zayed Tower, whose goal is to emphasize transformative patient-centric care.

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Photo: Arch Photo, Inc. (Eduard Hueber) | Courtest of Perkins+Will Photo: Arch Photo, Inc. (Eduard Hueber) | Courtesy of Perkins+Will, OLIN (Garden) and Spencer Finch (Facade) Photo: Arch Photo, Inc. (Eduard Hueber) | Courtesy of Perkins+Will Photo: Arch Photo, Inc. (Eduard Hueber) | Courtesy of Perkins+Will

Corgan & SOM Team Wins GSA Design Competition for the Social Security Administration National Support Center

Adding Green Spaces to Suburbs

© anthimeria -
© anthimeria -

The quaint and picturesque suburbs have insulated themselves against the urban environment with miles of highways, strip malls and the traffic between endless sprawl. To get to the artificial nature of surburban streets and parks you must first make an exodus out of the city, arriving in an area that is usually unwalkable: no sidewalks, large streets impossible to cross and large distances between destinations. Kaid Benfield looks at Montgomery County, Maryland’s streetscape initiative to address some of these issues in his article “Fixing Suburbs with Green Streets that Accommodate Everyone”.

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Oriole Park at Camden Yards: A Watershed Moment for Sports Stadiums

© Shoshanah / Wikimedia Commons
© Shoshanah / Wikimedia Commons

The most influential decision in sports in the last twenty-five years was not made by a general manager, coach, or athlete. In fact, it wasn’t even made on a field, pitch, court, or rink. Instead, this decision originated in the office and on the drafting tables of the architecture firm HOK. The architects and engineers decided, going against three decades of stadium designs, some of which were their very own, to not create another generic multi-sport indoor arena for the next Baltimore Oriole park. Rather, they designed a stadium that was considerate of its context, integrated beautifully within the city, and invited the citizens of Baltimore to enjoy watching their Orioles play. More on stadium design and Oriole Park after the break.