Proscenium Trondheim / Point Supreme Architects + Gerousis + Hughes

Proscenium Trondheim

Last year, we shared the results of Europan 10 with you - a biennial competition asking architects for innovative housing solutions for European sites.  For 2011, the competition’s objective is to promote awareness about the environment and how we occupy the natural world.  We’ve been covering the 2011 proposals, such as Europan Norway 2011, and today, we share an update on the progress of the Norway 2010 winning scheme.   After winning the Europan for Trondheim NorwayPoint Supreme Architects, Alexandros Gerousis and Beth Hughes, have recently completed the second phase of the concept design and are preparing for the project to be realized.     Recently,  the project was identified as a pilot project for the Norwegian government’s ‘Cities of the Future’ program – currently one of only 6 in Norway and the second in Trondheim.  The project will serve as an example of environmentally sustainable design strategies combined with innovative architecture – reflecting the ambitions and principles of Svartlamoen which has also been regulated as an eco-urban testing ground.

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Europan 2011 in Norway

The 11th edition of the Europan competition explores a European urban realm undergoing dramatic changes. The global financial crisis has led to tires burning in Greece and protesters marching the streets of Paris. A wave of young, unemployed but highly educated Europeans has been called “The Lost Generation”. is a territory of emerging conflicts. Strained public budgets will force architects to develop strategies for public space that serve a greater set of purposes – political, economical, social, and environmental. Future emphasis is not on how architecture looks, but what it does. Even in , an economic island in many ways, a new post oil era is closing in. Paired with rising pension costs, a new reality of fiscal constraint is emerging even here. Europan Norway believes we will need to develop an architecture that does more with less. Europan 11 will be an arena where we can explore this on a broad international level.

Europan Norway presents three sites this edition. The Oslo site addresses the issue of by-product space of consumerism, as contenders are asked to design a dump yard transformation in Oslo east.

The Skien/Porsgrunn sites deal with a common space beyond communal borders and the need for developing sustainable infrastructure in urban sprawl, a reality for much of Norway’s widespread urban landscape.

Haugesund invites contenders to develop a concept that shows how the margins of existing urban centres can contribute to an expanded city centre model. Suffering from reduced activity in the historical down town, the city needs a design for a symbiotic coexistence between history and future, centre and outskirt. For more information, click here.

Synapsiedlung / Lapo Ruffi, Vanessa Giandonati, Antonio Monaci, Lorenzo Santini

Courtesy of LRA

Lapo Ruffi, Vanessa Giandonati, Antonio Monaci, Lorenzo Santini have shared with us their winning project for EUROPAN 10 where they aimed to create an attractive density and an urban centrality while integrating with the surrounding landscape in the city of Montreux, Switzerland. They successfully generated an uninterrupted urban pattern with multi-functional environments as they break away from the twentieth century design principles of urban planning.

is a biennial competition for young emerging architects who are looking for innovative housing solutions across . By incorporating social and economic variables for their designated city, their projects become a more holistic architectural experience.

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Repositioning the Remote / LRA

Langdon Reis Architects with Kelly Doran and Louis Hall have won EUROPAN 10 with a scheme for Vardø, Norway. “Repositioning the Remote” by LRA offers to rethink Vardø’s harbour in order to inform the future of the Barents Sea. In the short term, a set of cultural buildings and spaces inserted into the harbour front serve to regenerate the civic life of the area and attract new users to the community.

With the next phase of Norwegian energy production set to exploit reserves proximate to Vardø, the harbour will act to service the industry while protecting the fragile ecology of the region.

Europan is a biennial competition for young architects that looks for innovative housing solutions in sites across Europe, incorporating social and economic variables specific to each territory. This year, there were 56 winners, so if your project was one of them and you wish to be featured in ArchDaily, please contact us through our contact form.

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The Modern Castle / DEVE Architects

Copenhagen-based DEVE Architects were one of the winners of the Europan 10 Architecture competition. Their project was a revitalization of an industrial harbor area in Augustenborg, .

Their proposal primarily addresses the historical and spatial implications of building in the small city, but there are significant environmental considerations as well. The encompassing municipality of Sønderborg envisions a carbon neutral ‘Kommune’ by the year 2030, and they hope they’ll get the opportunity to contribute to that goal.

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Europan 10 Results

Europan is a biennial competition for young architects that looks for innovative housing solutions in sites across Europe, incorporating social and economic variables specific to each territory. Several renowned practices have participated on this competition in the past, becoming a platform for emerging architects. Abitare just posted that the results for are out.

This year, there were 56 winners and 67 runners-up on 62 European sites, totallizing prizes for more than 1 million euros. The 123 winning teams live in 24 different countries, and 54% of them won in the country they inhabit. So 46% won in another country. You can find more information on the results, on ’s official website.