Indoor Rock Climbing / W. Meraner & Lanz + Mutschlechner

© G.R. Wett

Architects: W. Meraner & Lanz + Mutschlechner
Location: Brixen, South Tyrol, Italy
Year: 2012
Photographs: G.R. Wett

Brixen Public Library / AquiliAlberg

aerial view-front

The Aquilialberg project, the Public Library for an international architectural competition, has the aim to become a new gathering location for the population. Following this line, the project is designed to assure wide spaces for socialization, both interior and exterior, to accommodate public manifestations and cultural encounters. It is a place to spread knowledge, in which citizen could feel themselves at ease and spend spare time constructively.

Interiors volumes are designed on the base of the educational vocation of a Library. Reading rooms with double height are connected between each other at different levels. In these spaces of interconnection, natural light filtrate smoothly from skylights and narrow windows cut in the external walls. On the other hand, areas for socialization and gathering are overflowed by the light coming from full high windows. More images and architect’s description after the break.