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AIAS Launches Survey to Promote Healthier Studio Culture

The AIAS has launched Studio Culture: reviewed, a supplemental survey to their campaign investigating the learning environments of architecture studios. Following the accidental deaths of several students due to sleep deprivation in 2000, the organization dedicated its resources to studying the unhealthy lifestyles associated with studios. Their work culminated in a 2002 report endorsing change that was adopted by the NAABStudio Culture: reviewed poses questions related to students’ welfare while enrolled in architecture programs. The results will contribute to an ongoing assessment of realized improvements since the initial study. Open now through May 25, 2015, the survey welcomes current architecture students and recent alumni (within a year of graduation), and can be accessed here.

AIAS Launches Campaign to Promote Early Licensing

The AIAS has launched a new campaign, the Professional Advancement Support Scholarship, or PASS. The program, available for AIAS alumni pursuing licensure, provides incentive for recent graduates to take a portion of the Architect Registration Examination (ARE) by reimbursing them for successfully undertaking this task. Through a proactive approach, coupled with an informative blog series, the AIAS encourages aspiring architects to actively seek licensure to kick-start their professional careers. 

AIA, AIAS Urges Congress to Support National Design Services Act

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) have committed themselves to pushing a bill that would provide U.S. architecture graduates student loan relief in exchange for community service, an offer already granted to lawyers and doctors. The bipartisan legislation, known as the National Design Services Act (NDSA), was introduced today in an effort to free young professionals from the crushing cost of education (architecture being one of the disciplines with the highest loan balances) and aspire them to contribute their design service to the betterment of their communities. Learn more, here, and sign the petition in support of NDSA

Pro Bono Work in Exchange for Loan Relief?

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Internship Fair at Auburn University's Architecture School

Auburn University’s chapter of American Institute of Architecture StudentsA invites you to join them for their annual Internship Fair on March 5th – 6th, 2012. The event allows professional firms the opportunity to meet and interview students of Auburn University and the students are eager to initiate and continue the relationship between participating firms and the students. The Internship Fair will be held at Auburn University’s Student Center in Auburn, Alabama. In addition to architecture students, students studying landscape architecture, interior architecture, community planning, graphic design and industrial design will be available for interviews. For this reason, multi-disciplined firms are strongly encouraged to review the resumes of the Auburn students pursuing degrees within the allied arts that will be in attendance. For registration and more information, please visit here.

'Architecture in the Networked City' AIAS 2011 Spring West Quad Conference

The AIAS 2011 West Quad Conference ‘Architecture in the Networked City’ raises the question of how a new generation of architects, planners, and designers can explore networked possibilities for the urban environment. Hosted by the New School of Design April 14th-17th, the conference’s three key note speakers include, Chris Genik Dean of NSAD and principle and co-founder of Daly Genik, Miles Kemp founder and president of Variate Labs, and Geoff Manaugh author of BLDGBLOG.