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The Ultimate Study Guide for the ARE Exam: Desk Crits

Perhaps the most arduous part of every aspiring architect’s career is the built-up doom and gloom that surrounds the process of mentally preparing, and actually taking, the Architect Registration Exam- also known as the ARE. What ideally should be more of a process that tests real-world application and knowledge about the practice itself, has slowly evolved into a mentally exhausting challenge of sourcing highly specific information just to survive each exam. The only thing harder than studying for the exams themselves, is navigating the increasingly saturated array of online practice tests, advice forums, one-off study guides, and rogue tips that seem to shroud the six-part quest for licensure in more mystery than provide any sort of clarity or guidance.

A Simple 6-Step Guide to Getting a Job in Architecture

Black Spectacles, in collaboration with the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), has released a new guide called How To Get A Job In Architecture, in order to help recent architecture graduates navigate through the process of finding their first job. The free 17-page guide is filled with helpful hints on how to apply, tricks to landing your first offer, and even advice from architects and HR professionals at some of the top firms in the world including Cannon Design, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, and Gensler.

Un-Competition Project: Invent it, Design it, Build it

Un-Competition Project: Invent it, Design it, Build it - Featured Image
Courtesy of Black Spectacles

Black Spectacles, who has teamed up with the Chicago Architectural Club, has recently created The Un-Competition Project. Invent a project, design it, and post your design on our Facebook page, with a 60 second video. They want to hear how you came up with your project, what your design is, and how you are going to get it built.

So, no, there is no competition brief, and no, they’re not going to get your project built. You make the project up yourself, big or small- you sell it, and you figure out how to get it built. Then document it in a video, and they’ll show it to the world. More information on the competition after the break.