Office Building in Lyon / Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture

© Paul Kozlowski

Architect: Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture
Location: ,
Client: Sofilio
Client Representative: Coteba
Client Environmental Consultant: Oasiis
Photographs: Paul Kozlowski


Musée des Beaux-arts / David Chipperfield Architects

South-west elevation, View from corner Rue de Mars / Rue Andrieux © David Chipperfield Architects

Arising from the historic town fortifications, David Chipperfield Architects’ new Musée des Beaux-arts is situated on the periphery of a long green space in between the old and new parts of , . The Gallo-Roman gate and the modernist market hall, located in its vicinity, are evidence of Reims’s architectural history from antiquity to modern times. Clad with marble slabs and glass ceramic panels, the translucent Musée des Beaux-arts building shares a site with an excavation area filled with mediaeval findings.

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The Olympic City / Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit

An olympic structure, left empty after the Games. Photo part of The Olympic City © Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit

The general wisdom is that create billions in revenue, an incalculable amount of publicity, and an excuse to get massive urban renewal projects off the ground. Cities invest millions – and that’s just to be considered by the Olympic Council. And yet, more often than not, engender debt, questionable planning decisions (like razing poor neighborhoods to the ground), and massive, expensive structures that end up vacant and unused when the Games end.

Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit have decided to undertake a project to capture post-Olympic cities – both the successes and the failures. From the auditorium turned Korean Mega-Church in L.A. to the weeded, empty venues in Athens, The Olympic City, currently fundraising on Kickstarter, will chronicle each city’s post-Olympic “rebirth or decay.”

For us, the project raises some interesting questions: What choices can cities make to make urban rebirth an inevitable Olympic consequence? Or, at the very least, how can cities avoid the fate of post-Olympic decay?

Check out the video for Pack and Hustwit’s Kickstarter Campain, open until June 29th, after the break…

Story Via Fast Company.

House For Sale in Calafquen / Foaa + Norte

© Felipe Ortiz

Architects: Foaa – Felipe Ortiz, Norte – Pablo Ropert
Location: Calafquén, Panguipulli Commune,
Contractor: Foaa –
Ingineer: Tecno Panel
Area: 90.3 sqm
Completion: 2012
Cost Base: USD 650/sqm
Photographs: Felipe Ortiz

Vivid Sydney: Festival of Lights 2012

Vía thingstodo

Sydney is once again illuminated by the fourth annual Vivid’s Festival of Light 2012 that celebrates the creative industries with light shows, music, design ideas conferences and entrepreneurship conferences. The seventeen-day festival, which started on May 25 and will run until June 11th, features light shows and graphics projected on buildings, concerts, lectures and conferences. This round of light projections will have over 50 installations and includes cityscapes, street furniture, monuments and emblematic buildings like the Sydney Opera House.

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House S+L / João Rapagão Arquitecto

© Ricardo Loureiro

Architects: João Rapagão Arquitecto
Location: Loivos da Ribeira, ,
Photographs: Ricardo Loureiro


YIBD Block C1-20 / Tange Associates

Courtesy of

The new Yongsan International Business District (YIBD), which will be the new heart of , will be comparable only to a few other city centers on the global stage. As part of the district, the Block C1-20 building, designed by Tange Associates, is a metaphorical expression of the dynamic energy created by the Retail Valley and the building’s own diverse program. More images and architects’ description after the break.

B&F Wien Headquarters / Delugan Meissl

© Herta Hurnaus, DMAA

Architects: Delugan Meissl
Location: ,
Completion: 2012
Area: 4,046 sqm
Photographs: Herta Hurnaus, DMAA

Update: Teachers Village / Meier & Partners

Over the years, we have been sharing the design and following the development of Richard Meier’s Newark complex which, earlier this year, began breaking ground.  While the project will cost a cool $150 million, the urban efforts are meant to reinvigorate downtown Newark to restore the city to its former glory of the 1950s.   During the early 2000s, developer Ron Beit purchased dozens of lots in downtown Newark in preparation for the area’s larger master planning vision which now includes plans for commercial and residential programs aimed at appealing to teachers.   Such a move will create a new sense of community, explained Michael Duffy, previously the heard of the New York City’s charter school office, “Best-case scenario, they’ll [teachers] register to vote there, they’ll get involved civically in the community, they’ll see the success of Newark as their success.  There are undeniably class differences between the kids who are coming in to teach in our school or to work as tutors and the young children that we serve as a school. So we have work to do in bridging the gaps between those two groups, and perhaps Teachers Village could be the place where gaps get bridged.”

More about the development after the break.

Maria Grazia Cutuli Primary School / 2A+P/A + IaN+ + MaO

Courtesy of IaN+

Architects: 2A+P/A, Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo; IaN+ – Carmelo Baglivo, Luca Galofaro, Stefania Manna; Ma0 – Massimo Ciuffini, Ketty Di Tardo, Alberto Iacovoni, Luca La Torre with Architect Mario Cutuli
Location: Kush Rod, Injil District, ,
Structures: Studio Croci Associati Ing. Federico Croci
Collaborators: 2A+P/A – Valeria Bartolacci, Antonino Crea, Domenica Fiorini, Maxim Mangold, Valentina Morelli, Consuelo Nunez Ciuffa; IaN+: Juliette Dubroca, Simone Lapenta; Ma0: Manfredi Mazziotta, Mario Cutuli, Marco Bordone
Completion: April 2011
Site Area: 2,000 sqm
School Area: 650 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of IaN+

Courtesy of © 2012 INSIDEOUT-7

‘Inside Out: 7 Architectural Thoughts’ Exhibition

Taking place June 8-28 at the Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles, the ‘Inside Out: 7 Architectural Thoughts’ exhibition features seven progressive Korean architectural designers bringing up a challenging topic about ‘Koreaness’ to the Korean American community. With their cultural…

Stayokay Hostel Soest / Personal Architecture BNA

© René de Wit

Architects: Personal Architecture BNA - Maarten Polkamp, Sander van Schaik
Location: ,
Client: Stayokay / NJHC beheer, Amsterdam
Design Team: Leendert van Grinsven, Anja Traffas, Wiepkjen Kingma
Interior design: Studio Edward van Vliet, Amsterdam
Landscape design: Personal Architecture BNA
Square meters: 1,920 sqm
Photographs: René de Wit


Courtesy of HOLDUP
Courtesy of HOLDUP

Yashiki Mori Housing Proposal / HOLDUP

The proposal for the Yashiki Mori competition by HOLDUP… elaborates on the Yashiki-rin housing typologies as a protection from environmental aggressions: windbreak forest (hot summer wind, cold winter wind, sandblast), barrier against fire, sunshade, air-purifier (carbon dioxide absorber and oxygen

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Daniel Portilla

We were thinking what would be the best way to finish the week. And we decided it’s probably looking back at the best projects we featured during the week. Starting today, our Best of the Week will go on Sundays. Did you see our coverage on Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiwei’s Serpetine Gallery Pavilion? Don’t miss The Barnes Foundation, designed by Tod Williams + Billie Tsien. We also had the opportunity of attending the 2012 Pritzker Prize ceremony, check out our coverage here. Rafael de La-Hoz designed the Rey Juan Carlos Hospital in Madrid. Finally, what do you think of the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre?

Garrotxa Secondary School / SVArquitectura

© Beat Marugg

Architects: SV Arquitectura – Santiago Vives
Location: Olot, ,
Completion: 2009
Area: 12,803 sqm
Photographers: Beat Marugg, Santiago Vives

Courtesy of Fentress Architects
Courtesy of Fentress Architects

North Las Vegas City Hall and Civic Plaza Wins National Award / Fentress Architects

Chosen for its outstanding construction management techniques and environmental sensitivity, the North Las Vegas City Hall and Civic Plaza was recently named 2012 Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association (APWA). Designed by Fentress Architects…, the

Flashback: Residential Building in Rosario / Rafael Iglesia

© Gustavo Frittegotto

Architects: Rafael Iglesia
Location: San Luis 470, Rosario,
Collaborators: Andrés Lombardo, Mariano Fiorentini
Client: Conystar SRL Area: 147 sqm
Years: 1998-2001
Photographs: Gustavo Frittegotto, Manuel Cucurell


Tokyo Skytree: the World’s largest Telecom Tower

© Flickr User: Joe Hsu

Since it’s opening on May 22, the Skytree has already experienced an overwhelming amount of visitors. As reported by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), the 634-meter (2,080 feet) structure has surpassed the previously tallest communications tower, Canton Tower in China, by 34 meters. The Skytree took four years to construct and is double the height of ’s 333-meter Tower.

Tokyo Skytree’s name and design concept is described by the developer as, “The creation of city scenery transcending time: A fusion of traditional Japanese beauty and neo-futuristic design”. Continue reading for more.