“Blooming” Citycenter Nieuwegein / Bureau B+B

© Frederica Rijkenberg

Architects: Bureau B+B
Location: Citycenter ,
Project Area: 40,350 sqm
Completion: 2012
Client: Municipality of Nieuwegein
Photographs: Renee Klein, Frederica Rijkenberg

Plot B of China Mobile International Headquarters Campus / Leo A Daly

Courtesy of Leo A Daly

Leo A Daly, in collaboration with Local Design Institute WDCE, recently won a competition to design Phase 2, Plot B, of the international headquarters campus of Mobile Ltd. in . One of the largest mobile telecommunications companies in the world, Mobile Ltd. selected their design for the research and development office and laboratory buildings, each a five- and nine-story facility, which are organized on an east-west pedestrian axis and mirrored in their massing to establish opposite, formal entries linked to internal courtyards at the ground level. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Home-Office in Formentera Island / Marià Castelló Martínez

© Estudi EPDSE

Architects: Marià Castelló Martínez
Location: Es Pujol de s’Era, ,
Collaborators: Marga Ferrer, Laura Tur, Carmen Martínez, Josep Castelló, Catalina Verdera, Jaume Luís, Segundo García, Pep Yern & Belén Molina
Structure: Albert Yern Ribas, José Antonio Molina, Salvador Soteras & Agustí Yern
Built Area: 201 sqm
Completion: 2011
Photographs: Estudi EPDSE

AD Recommends: Best of the Week

© Bent René Synnevåg

Saunders Architecture surprises us with another great studio in Fogo Island, Canada. What about the facade in this lecture hall located in Munich? And yet another beautiful project from Dominique Perrault: the Hotel ME in Barcelona, . And if you like big scale projects, check out The Ronda Building by Estudio Lamela, a mixed-use refurbishment of the buildings used during the 2008 Expo Zaragoza. Last, the Kantana Institute, a great undergraduate school in Thailand.

Schrannenhalle Munich / Oliv Architekten Ingenieure

© Edzard Probst

Interior designers: Oliv Architeckten Ingenieure
Location: ,
Project Area: 1,000 sqm
Completion: 2011
Photographs: Edzard Probst

One World Trade Center dominates the NYC Skyline

© EJP Photo

With the installation of a girder on the 100th floor, the One World Trade Center has become the tallest building in . Currently standing at 1,271 feet (387m) tall, the “Freedom Tower” has surpassed the 1,250 foot Empire State Building. Designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the One World Trade Center will become the tallest building in the US and the third tallest in the world upon completion.

Continue after the break for more.

NMIT Arts & Media / Irving Smith Jack Architects

© Patrick Reynolds

Architects: Irving Smith Jack Architects
Location: , New Zealand
Completed: 2010
Area: 2,900 sqm
Photographs: Patrick Reynolds

House Like a Museum / Edward Suzuki Associates

© Yasuhiro Nukamura

Architects: Edward Suzuki Associates - Edward Suzuki, Toshiharu Nanba
Location: City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Completion: 2008
Site Area: 776.4 sqm
Ground Coverage: 425.38 sqm
Floor Area: 1F 419.85 sqm; 2F 118.49 sqm; Total 538.34 sqm
Photographs: Yasuhiro Nukamura


Water Centre / SCAU

© Bruno Delamain

Architects : SCAU
Location: Colombes,
Client:  SIAAP
Area: 15,000 sqm
Cost: 28 M°€ before tax
Photographs: Bruno Delamain

House NA / Sou Fujimoto Architects

© Iwan Baan

You may remember Sou Fujimoto Architects radical House NA from this video we shared with you last November. Designed for a young couple in a quiet neighborhood, the 914 square-foot transparent house contrasts the typical concrete block walls seen in most of ’s dense residential areas. Associated with the concept of living within a tree, the spacious interior is comprised of 21 individual floor plates, all situated at various heights, that satisfy the clients desire to live as nomads within their own home.

Continue after the break for more images and information on House NA.

SADAR + VUGA wins first prize in University College Ghent Competition

SOAG Building - Courtesy of SADAR + VUGA

SADAR + VUGA, in collaboration with LENS°ASS Architecten, has been selected as winner of an invited competition to design three new buildings on the Campus Schoonmeersen of the University College Ghent in Belgium. The campus development master plan will include a new building for the Study of Social Work (SOAG), a Sports Hall Extension and the Renovation of Building B that includes the adjoining Student Plaza. This highly anticipated project is expected to commence in late May. Continue after the break to learn more about each new facility.

Villa Korsmo / Huus og Heim Arkitektur

© AS

Villa Korsmo is a single family house designed for a couple at just outside Oslo. It’s situated on a beautiful plot, characterized by natural vegetaion, pine trees and rugged terrain. The main idea for the project was to make a house that could connect the two sides of the plot, which is divided by a natural height in the terrain. More images and architect’s description after the break.

FFS Train Station District / Dominique Perrault Architecture

© DPA / Adagp

The project for the FFS Train Station District by Dominique Perrault Architecture was born from a simple action: covering the small station of -Muralto by a large balcony platform on Lake Maggiore. So, on the infrastructure, lays a large public space, the Piazza Grande, an void space that allows to freely cross the city and create a new centrality. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Infographic: Burbs Going Bust

For decades the suburbs and the American Dream went hand-in-hand: a house with a yard and a white picket fence. It was the alternative to the hustle and bustle of urban living, a peaceful place to raise a family. Instead of letting the suburbs dwindle away, resulting in unkempt ghost towns, we should begin thinking about how to retrofit the suburbs for the needs of our changing culture, reinventing as a sustainable alternative to urban life.

For more on understanding the reality and difficulties of redesigning Suburbia check out this two part series on Saving Suburbia by Vanessa Quirk: Saving Suburbia Part I: Bursting the Bubble and Saving Suburbia Part II: Getting the Soccer Moms On Your Side.

Under Pohutukawa / Herbst Architects

© Patrick Reynolds

Architects: Herbst Architects
Location: Piha North,
Contractor: John Armstrong
Photographs: Patrick Reynolds


Elite Equestrian Center / Francisco Mangado

© Pedro Pegenaute

Architects: Francisco Mangado
Location: , Ultzama Valley, Navarra,
Project Architects: David Martínez Grande, Janka Rust, César Martín Gómez
Total Area: 5,200 sqm
Total Cost: 3,329,000 €
Completion: 2008
Photographs: Pedro Pegenaute

Treehouses in Paradise Competition: Call for Proposals

Photo by weirdox - http://www.flickr.com/photos/weirdox/

The Treehouses in Paradise competition, among many competitions featured on our site, unfortunately turned out to be a scam. Many architects not only lost their time, but their efforts and money as well. Many competitions arise such as these and unfortunately, the work of the architects are often gone to waste. Therefore, ArchDaily is requesting any proposals you may have so that we can conduct our own poll on our website. We are giving those who participated the opportunity to feature their proposals so our readers can vote on them, provide comments, feedback, etc. We don’t want to see all of the work invested get left behind without giving the credibility it deserves and honoring such efforts. If interested, you are encouraged to submit through our contact form.

Tower Studio / Saunders Architecture

© Bent René Synnevåg

Architect: Saunders Architecture
Location: Fogo Island, Newfoundland,
Client: Shorefast Foundation and the Fogo Island Arts Corporation
Team Architects: Attila Béres, Ryan Jørgensen, Ken Beheim-Schwarzbach, Nick Herder, Rubén Sáez López, Soizic Bernard, Colin Hertberger, Christina Mayer, Olivier Bourgeois, Pål Storsveen, Zdenek Dohnalek
Associate Architect: Sheppard Case Architects Inc. (Long Studio)
Size: 130 sqm
Completion: 2011
Photographer: Bent René Synnevåg