H2 / 314 Architecture Studio

Courtesy of

Architects: 314 Architecture Studio
Location: , Greece
Photographs: Courtesy of 314 Architecture Studio


Extension of the Building Academy Salzburg / soma

© Florian Hafele, Innsbruck

In less than two weeks, Austrian practice soma will be celebrating the grand opening of their new extension to the Building Academy in Salzburg. The extension will serve as a new foyer that acts as the school lobby and as a public space for various cultural events. Using a strategy of a “viscous” affiliation, the new atmosphere is generated through a simulation of viscosity that blends with the existing building geometry yet develops its own presence.

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TED Talk: Robots That Fly… and cooperate / Vijay Kumar

In continuing with our coverage of the research of the GRASP Lab based out of the University of Pennsylvania, this recent 2012 outlines some of the unique opportunities that can be explored and possibly implemented in the near future with robots that fly. From an architectural and construction perspective, a wide variety of tasks can be accomplished. While still only on a small scale, the demonstrations in the video showcase a myriad of diverse abilities that are achievable.  The quad rotor robots are able to navigate complex geometry through the use of onboard laser scanners and cameras. The video also demonstrates the ability of these robots to work together in swarms for tasks such as assembling a scale building based on a programmable blueprint. Watch the video to see what the future may hold for a fully automated construction site.

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Sint-Martinus / Lensass Architects

Courtesy of

Architects: Lensass Architects
Location: , Belgium
Photographs: Andri Haflidason, Courtesy of Lensass Architects

Spruce Art Center / LYCS Architecture

Courtesy of

Designed by LYCS Architecture, the Spruce Art Center recently commenced construction in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, . Flush with mature spruce trees and a pre-existing one story abandoned structure, the design is a mixture of two fundamental challenges in architecture: to evoke new spatial meaning while reconciling an existing structure, and to produce a formal language that can be dynamic and strong, yet carefully caress spruce trees. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Courtesy of Ayrat Khusnutdinov, Zhang Liheng, Alexey Bychkov

‘Water Memory’ – Rethinking Shanghai Competition Proposal / Ayrat Khusnutdinov, Zhang Liheng, Alexey Bychkov

‘Water Memory’, a proposal by Ayrat Khusnutdinov, Zhang Liheng, and Alexey Bychkov… for the Rethinking Shanghai competition, focused on a strategic vision to manifest the undeletable importance of Suzhou creek waterfront to Shanghai. Using existing bridges as the

Video: New Careggi Entrance / Ipostudio

YouTube Preview Image

The above video, filmed and edited by DUOSEGNO Visual Design, features a look into the new Careggi entrance in , designed by Ipostudio which becomes the ‘gateway’ to the hospital campus as it acts as both an urban junction as well as an architectural presence. The new entrance does not just function as a door to get inside, but is an area for strolling, for spontaneous interaction, and a place which represents the intricacy of the largest hospital development in all of central Italy. Through a new ‘square’, a new archway for Florence, this covered plaza, which draws inspiration from the grand urban traditions of the Florentine porticos, allows for this to happen.

Chatham-Kent YMCA / Tillmann Ruth Robinson Architects

© Lisa Logan

Architects: Tillmann Ruth Robinson Architects
Location: Chatham, Ontario,
Principal-in-Charge: Scott Robinson
Design Architect: Scott Robinson
General Contractors: Norlon Builders; Van Boxmeer & Stranges Structural Engineers; Vanderwesten Rutherford Mantecon (VRM) Mechanical and Electrical Engineers
Client: YMCA Chatham-Kent
Completion: September 2011
Project Size: 50,000 sqm
Cost: $11,600,000
Photographs: Lisa Logan


Fertile House / MU Architects

© Sophie Carles

Architects: MU Architecture
Location: ,
Completion: 2010
Area: 210 sqm
Photographs: Mayuco Sakai, Sophie Carles, Courtesy of MU Architecture


Guangzhou Daily Group Culture Center / IAPA

Courtesy of

IAPA shared with us their proposal for the Daily Group of Culture Center, a large multi-purpose building complex, which recently won the excellence award in the International Architecture Design Competition. The center, which includes office, exhibition, commercial, hotel, culture, and service space, creates a building complex with a vivid image, unique content and regional cultural features. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Coeur Bastide / Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture

© Takuji Shimmura

Architects: Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture
Location: ,
Client: SCICV JLG Cristal
Surface Area: 12,000 sqm
Cost of Works: 19,000,000 euros HT
Completion: 2011
Photographs: Takuji Shimmura

House F+M / João Rapagão Arquitecto

© Ricardo Loureiro

Architect: João Rapagão Arquitecto
Location: ,
Photographs: Ricardo Loureiro


Social Housing Bon Pastor / SVArquitectura

© Jordi Surroca

Architects: SVArquitectura – Santiago Vives
Location: , Spain
Completion: 2010
Area: 10,886 sqm
Photographs: Jordi Surroca, Santiago Vives


AD Round Up: Best from Flickr Part LXIX

Photo by kwikzilver - http://www..com/photos/matthijs_borghgraef/

We’ve passed the 80,000 photos in our Flickr Pool! Keep sending yours, as we really enjoy looking for the best of the best to makes this selections. Remember you can submit your own photo here, and don’t forget to follow us through Twitter and our Facebook Fan Page to find many more features.

The photo above was taken by kwikzilver in Venlo, The Netherlands. Check the other four after the break.

Madrid Idom Office / ACXT Arquitectos


Architect: ACXT Arquitectos – Jesús M. Susperregui Virto, Jorge Martínez Bermejo
Location: , Spain
Cient: IDOM
Project Engineer: Antonio Villanueva Peñalver
Project Architect: Andrés Mackenna Rueda, Borja Aróstegui Chapa, Pablo Elorz Gaztelu
Project Management: Guillermo Digregorio Verdún
Completion: 2010
Cost: 16 M €
Area: 15,300 sqm
Photographs: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra


Walk around the city with the new AIA Broadcastr App

via Apple

If you happen to be wandering around Los Angeles, New York City or Washington D.C. this weekend, download the pilot Broadcastr and transform yourself into a multimedia tourist. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is forming a partnership with Broadcastr to create an app that offers in-depth building information, exclusive interviews with architects and a vast library of narratives from local professionals that reveal the stories and facts behind buildings of architectural significance based on your location.

“Imagine standing in front of one of the world’s great buildings and listening to the architect tell you about her inspiration,” said Andy Hunter, CEO of Broadcastr. “We are thrilled that our partnership with AIA makes that possible.”

The AIA Broadcastr is available on Apple and Android. Let us know your thoughts if you try it out!

Reference: AIA BroadcastrForbes

Apartment Refurbishment in Pamplona / Iñigo Beguiristain

© Iñaki Bergera

Architects: Iñigo Beguiristáin
Location: ,
Photographs: Iñaki Bergera


2012 AIA Housing Awards for Architecture

Nakahouse / - Courtesy of the

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has selected the 10 recipients of the 2012 Housing Awards. The AIA’s Housing Awards Program, now in its 12th year, was established to recognize the best in housing design and promote the importance of good housing as a necessity of life, a sanctuary for the human spirit and a valuable national resource.

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