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Downtown / Cherem Arquitectos

© Jaime Navarro
© Jaime Navarro

© Jaime Navarro © Jaime Navarro © Jaime Navarro © Jaime Navarro

Nordic Cool 2013 Forum Talk by Bjarke Ingels

As part of the Nordic Cool 2013 Forum: Designing Nature: Art & Architecture in Cities and Public Spaces exhibition, which is on now until March 17, Bjarke Ingels, the internationally acclaimed Danish architect and founder and principal of BIG, will give a forum talk on February 24. At this free event, located at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C, Ingels will share to the audience his views on development and challenges of sustainable design. Through a series of award-winning design projects, Bjarke and BIG have developed a reputation for designing buildings that are as programmatically and technically innovative as they are cost and resource conscious. More information after the break.

1221 Broadway / Lake|Flato Architects

© Chris Cooper © Chris Cooper © Chris Cooper © Chris Cooper

Which Bold Idea Should Win Bloomberg's Mayors Challenge?

During a time of paralizing political turmoil, local leaders are stepping up to fulfill their role as pragmatic problem-solvers and combating the tough challenges - such as economic growth, environmental protection, public safety and poverty - facing our cities today. This empowering phenomenon is highlighted by Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge, a competition designed to further inspire America’s mayors and local leaders to generate innovative ideas that solve major challenges and improve city life.

Over 300 cities across the nation took the challenge and 20 finalists were selected in November. Now, it is your turn to vote on the idea you believe to have the greatest potential for impact. Five bold ideas will be selected in the coming weeks, each receiving national and local recognition. In addition, the winning city will receive a $5,000,000 grand prize and four other cities will receive $1,000,000 to help implement their ideas.

The proposals after the break...

The Beaumont House / Henri Cleinge

  • Architects: Henri Cleinge
  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Design Team: Henri Cleinge, Michel Lefebvre
  • Structural Engineer : César Zelaya
  • General Contractor: Bâtitu
  • Area: 3200.0 ft2
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Marc Cramer

© Marc Cramer © Marc Cramer © Marc Cramer © Marc Cramer

New City School, Frederikshavn / Arkitema Architects

Courtesy of Arkitema
Courtesy of Arkitema
  • Architects: Arkitema Architects
  • Location: Frederikshavn, Denmark
  • Area: 13.5 sqm
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Arkitema

Courtesy of Arkitema Courtesy of Arkitema Courtesy of Arkitema Courtesy of Arkitema

Extension of the IUFM school in Lyon / Atelier de la Passerelle

© Frenchie Christogratin © Frenchie Christogratin © Frenchie Christogratin © Jérome Ricolleau

Spectrum Residential Ensemble / Re-Act Now

  • Architects: Re-Act Now
  • Location: Constanta, Romania
  • Design Team: Mario Kuibus, Adela Toma, Cristina Chivu, Tudor Vasiliu, Raluca Genoiu, Claudiu Bica, Alexandru Axinte, Andreea Ionescu
  • Area: 26000.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2009
  • Photographs: Andrei Margulescu

© Andrei Margulescu © Andrei Margulescu © Andrei Margulescu © Andrei Margulescu

Why Pitting the Sexes Against Each Other Won't Close the Gender Gap

An article published in The Telegraph last week has been getting a lot of negative attention for its headline: “For safer, prettier cities pick a woman to build them.”

Oh dear. It’s certainly hard to get past that third word - prettier. The Globe and Mail lamented the word’s “sexist twinge.” A blogger for bricksandclicks suggested that the unflattering adjective “would never have headlined in an article about male architects.” And as Kristen Richards, the Editor-in-Chief of ArchNewsNow.com perfectly put it in her Newsletter: “‘prettier’?!!? this headline wins our groaner-of-the-year award.”

But, groan-worthiness aside, it seems rather unproductive to spend time poking at “pretty,” when the central thesis of the article is so darned sexist in itself - for women and men architects alike. 

Housing in Tres Cantos / R&AS

  • Architects: R&AS
  • Location: Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain
  • Architect In Charge: Ricardo Saldías Barreneche
  • Design Team: Carlos Rubio Carvajal, Enrique Álvarez-Sala
  • Technical Architects: Vicente Arenas Benitez, Pedro Valiente Bravo, Javier Sáenz Neira
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photographs: Liven Photography

© Liven Photography © Liven Photography © Liven Photography © Liven Photography

ABI Reports Six Consecutive Month of Growth and Best Conditions Since 2007

Reflecting the strongest growth since November 2007, the January Architecture Billings Index (ABI) surged to a score of 54.2 - a sharp and welcomed increase from December’s 51.2* mark. Released by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the ABI is a leading economic indicator of construction activity that reflects the approximate nine to twelve month lag time between architecture billings and construction spending. By remaining above 50, January’s score illustrates the six consecutive month of growth for the United State's design and construction industry. This trend doesn't seem to be going away any time soon, as the new projects inquiry index accelerated beyond last month's reading of 57.9 and reached a score of 63.2.

“We have been pointing in this direction for the last several months, but this is the strongest indication that there will be an upturn in construction activity in the coming months,” said AIA Chief Economist, Kermit Baker, PhD, Hon. AIA.  “But as we continue to hear about overall improving economic conditions and that there are more inquiries for new design projects in the marketplace, a continued reservation by lending institutions to supply financing for construction projects is preventing a more widespread recovery in the industry.”

Review the ABI Highlights in greater detail, after the break...

New Shoots Childrens Centre / Collingridge and Smith Architects

  • Architects: Collingridge and Smith Architects
  • Location: Papamoa, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
  • Architect In Charge: Phil Smith
  • Design Team: Phil Smith, Graham Collingridge, Grayson Wanda, Chloe Pratt
  • Structural Engineers: McNaughton Consulting Engineers
  • Area: 650.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Courtesy of Collingridge and Smith Architects

Courtesy of Collingridge and Smith Architects Courtesy of Collingridge and Smith Architects Courtesy of Collingridge and Smith Architects Courtesy of Collingridge and Smith Architects

Films & Architecture: "North by Northwest"

Our latest movie in our Films & Architecture series is another ’60s classic, this time by the master filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. In North by Northwest we see a New York in the heyday of its architectural glory, with one scene taking place at a newly constructed United Nations building. In fact, the last scene takes place in a “house” that, under Hitchcock’s instructions, was meant to seem designed by Frank Lloyd Wright (in reality, the house was just another set design). The film shows a variety of urban spaces, and puts special emphasis on the contrast between the densities of  urban and rural realms.

As always, enjoy and comment!

Aesop Store in Fillmore Street / NADAAA

  • Architects: NADAAA
  • Location: 2450 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115, USA
  • Principal In Charge: Dan Gallagher
  • Design Principals: Nader Tehrani, Katherine Faulkner
  • Project Manager: John Chow
  • Team: Jonathan Palazzolo, Parke MacDowell
  • Project Year: 2012
  • Photography: Juliana Sohn

© Juliana Sohn © Juliana Sohn © Juliana Sohn © Juliana Sohn

House in Coiros / Bals Arquitectos

©  Héctor Santos-Díez ©  Héctor Santos-Díez ©  Héctor Santos-Díez ©  Héctor Santos-Díez

El Solell School / Sierra Rozas Arquitectes

© Jordi Surroca
© Jordi Surroca
  • Architects: Sierra Rozas Arquitectes
  • Location: CEIP El Solell C/ Alberes s/n La Palma de Cervelló 08756 Barcelona, Spain
  • Design Team: Glenda Puntel, Andrés Martínez de la Riva, Oriol Raventós
  • Structure: Eskubi-Turró arquitectes
  • Installations: K2 Consulting, Eduard Bou
  • Builder: Construcciones Caler
  • Promotor: Generalitat de Catalunya - GISA
  • Area: 3929.0 sqm
  • Year: 2012
  • Photography: Jordi Surroca

© Jordi Surroca © Jordi Surroca © Jordi Surroca © Jordi Surroca