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International Airport of Nacala / Fernandes Arquitetos

Designed by Fernandes Arquitetos, the Nacala airport aims at better utilization of natural lighting and ventilation, reducing consumption of power associated with the use of artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation systems. It will have water intakes and sewage treatment for irrigation of green areas. The building proposed is basically on the ground floor, where the functional program that meets the operation and passengers is developed, like the check-in area and boarding and arrival rooms, which are located in the north and south wings. More images and architects’ description after the break.

Video: A Procura De Pancho

Dedicated to the life and work of Amancio d’Alpoim Guedes (Pancho Guedes), A Porcura De Pancho illustrates the journey of a solitary student exploring the city of Maputo in search of Pancho. The architect, sculptor and painter spent most of his life in Mozambique, where he designed more than 500 buildings.

Villa Suluwilo / COA

  • Architects: COA
  • Location: Ilha Vamizi, Mozambique
  • Architects: COA
  • Area: 550.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2011
  • Photographs: Chris Coldicott

© Chris Coldicott © Chris Coldicott © Chris Coldicott © Chris Coldicott

Educational Building In Mozambique / Masterstudents of Bergen School of Architecture

  • Architects: Masterstudents of Bergen School of Architecture
  • Location: Brejo Chimundo, Mozambique
  • Project Year: 2009
  • Photographs: Tord Knapstad, Sixten Rahlff, Stine Bjar, Ina Bakka Sem-Olsen, Bror Hansen, Olafia Zoëga

© Sixten Rahlff © Stine Bjar © Sixten Rahlff © Stine Bjar

  • Project Team Professors: Andrè Fontes, Sixten Rahlff & Bror R. Hansen
  • Project Team Organizer: Bror Hansen
  • Project Team Students: Gøran Johansen, Stine Bjar, Silje Klepsvik, Larisa Sarajlija , Olafia Zoëga, Birgitte Haug, Tord Knapstad, Kristian Endresen, Anette M. Basso, Mathias Wijnen, Dan Paul Stavaru, Naeem Searle, Siri Nicholaisen, Maria Flores Adamsen, Monica Xiao, Irmelin Rose Fisch Wågen, Tale Marie Haaheim, Ina Bakka Sem-Olsen, Eirik Solheim Aakhus
  • Client: Sister Catarina
  • Budget: 45000 NOK (8500 $)
  • Sponsors: Bergen School of Architecture, Norway